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11 Important Items You Will Need to Survive The COVID 19

Wondering what to do if you or your family members are tested positive for COVID 19? Don’t worry you are in the right place. The Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan is proving to be a great menace for the world. The World Health Organization and major countries of the world are struggling to contain this virus but to vain. Many people have already collapsed to this virus and in countries like the USA, India, Russia, and Brazil, the counts just don’t cease to rise. It is a difficult situation for everyone. Strictly follow your government orders and venture out only if you need any essential items like groceries or medicines.

I’ve been talking about this with a lot of my doctor friends and my very dear friend Dr. Humera Khan from Mumbai acknowledged the fact the situation is very bad in India. She even doubted that she could be tested positive because of the conditions. It pains me to see the Earth-facing this issue and breaks my heart to see more and more people getting testing positive for COVID. There is a need to improve the immunity of the body to fight against these harmful viruses.

In this article, my friend Ankita Singhal compiled a list of essential things to have at home in case if any of your family members are tested positive for the Corona Virus. Recently, one of her family members was tested positive for this virus and her recent experiences have made her compile a list for others. Such a noble person she is! Let us start with the items that you would need at home.

Things to have at home if your family member is tested positive for COVID 19

1. Thermometer

Fever is an important symptom of COVID 19. Having a thermometer handy at home is a good idea. You can watch out for the rising temperatures. Anything about 100 F is a matter of concern and demands immediate attention. So please buy a thermometer at home.

2. Pulse Oximeter

Since the Coronavirus predominantly affects the respiratory system, it is very important to ensure that the O2 saturation value is above 95%. A healthy individual has an Oxygen Saturation value from 95 to 100%. Anything below 85% is a cause for concern. Many people have lost their lives because of the lack of Oxygen. Since this is the disease of the lungs, it can affect a variety of age groups. So, having a Pulse Oximeter at home will be helpful. If you are tested positive for COVID then you can constantly monitor your O2 Sat and pulse from your home using the oximeter.

3. Nasal Vaporizer or Steamer

You need to have a Nasal Vaporizer or a Steamer at home and the patient needs to take steaming more than three times a day.

4. Crocin & Azithromycin(only in case of symptoms)

It’s good to have these tablets in your home. A lot of studies show the relevance of Azithromycin for COVID. It should be consumed only if you are tested positive for COVID and are symptomatic.

5. Vitamin C supplements

Recent studies have been highlighting the fact that Vitamin C is effective for COVID patients. It is a vital part of the immune system and many doctors recommend it. Vitamin C daily intake is sufficient for healthy immunity. Very high vitamin C levels may create free radicals that destroy viruses and bacteria. Our body’s cells have defenses against these free radicals, but viruses do not. It is a must for people tested positive for COVID.

6. Zincovit

Zincovit is used as a micronutrient and a vitamin supplement for treatment against chronic diseases. It contains the properties of Zinc, Vitamin C, and Propolis which is instrumental for healthy immunity.

7. Disposable Plates, Cups, and containers

Cleanliness is a must when it comes to a house hosting a COVID patient. Ensure that everything is sanitized and you have disposable plates, cups and containers at home. The COVID patients can use these items and they can be disposed easily.

8. Disinfectant Spray

Again sanitization is a must, especially in today’s era. With diseases like COVID cropping in, we need to take proper precautions and ensure our house is sanitized. Keep a disinfectant spray available at home. You can make one at home using Sodium Hypochlorite or bleaching powder. This is a must to have at home especially if there are some family members who are tested positive for COVID.


Its a must to have Thermos at home. The patient needs to sip hot water throughout the day.

10. Multiple Face Masks and Gloves

We have been hearing this from day one. We need to protect ourselves from this virus. So please wear masks and gloves every time you go out. Don’t touch your face!

Well if you are tested positive for COVID, then stay home and treat yourself else wear a mask and prevent yourself from getting exposed to the virus.

11.Thrash bags

Large thrash bags will be required to dispose the wastes.

In case if you or your family members are tested positive for COVID, then please have these important things at home. I will soon be writing a post on taking necessary precautionary measures to prevent COVID 19

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