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Mee Raqsam Review – Never underestimate the power of dreams

Mee Raqsam Review – A simple storytelling at its best

Mee Raqsam Review

Why Should you watch Mee Raqsam?

Mee Raqsam is an Urdu word that translates to ‘I Dance’. This movie is about dreams and aspirations and highlights the importance of having a dream. Along with dreams, it emphasizes a father-daughter bond and shows us to what extent a father can go to fulfill his child’s dream. The plot of the movie is simple and clung to the various social elements currently bound in modern-day India.

Mariam is a young Muslim girl passionate about dancing, especially Bharatanatyam. She is fond of this dance form and is obsessed with it. Her love for Bharatanatyam could be evident from the fact that she would practice her different mudras while going to school. Her love for the dance is a legacy of her late mother who was also a fan of Bharatanatyam. After her mother passes away, she finds solace in the dance. Her Father Salim is a doting daddy to Mariam who works hard to fulfill her daughter’s dreams of becoming a Bharatanatyam dancer.

However, as every coin has two faces, he has to face the wrath of his community members who are against Mariam dancing Bharatnatyam, which is considered a Hindu dance form. A Muslim girl pursuing a dance form considered as Hindu annoys Mirjam, the place where they live. Nevertheless, Mariam’s family, the clergy, and a Hindu Businessman who stand together against Mariam’s oppositions who are the custodians of her religion support Mariam’s dreams. Salim, essayed by Danish Hussain, is the pivotal character of the movie, the father who realizes the importance of his daughter Mariam’s dreams and works hard to fulfil her dreams despite being a small tailor.

There is nothing that prevents the thoughts of the custodians of the religion who thinks that a girl dancing a Hindu dance is Halal and by any means, they need to stop it. The world is marching towards the modern era but somehow such orthodox thoughts and the stereotypes have stayed behind. This is just another example of a society pokes into the lives of people. You need to watch this movie if you believe in the power of dreams.

Mariam’s character is the spine of the movie along with the other ancillary characters such as Salim and the clergy who are on team Mariam. Together they fight to add wings to Mariam’s dream but the multiple obstacles and hindrances speak different stories. This reminds of the era that explains the differences between the Hindu and the Muslim communities and the hatred spewed between them.  This is evident how these misunderstandings prove mighty over the Art.

Performance of the Artists

This movie will never disappoint you performance-wise. Danish Hussain filled the shoes of a father who loves his daughter so much that he is ready to go any level to fight his community to fulfil her dreams. This is portrayed very well. Aditi Subhedi who plays Mariam’s role has impressed me with her performances of a simple Muslim girl from Mirjam who has big dreams in her eyes.

The storyline of the movie is not new but the presentation of the movie is incredible.  The dialogues of this movie are impressive and it clearly shows the emotions between the father and the daughter and their fight against their community.

Story of Sathya

This movie is intense and shows the dangers of a society in a common person’s life. This movie also explains the importance of dreams and tells us not to underestimate the power of dreams #SapnoKiTaaqat. If you have dreams in your eyes and the will power to fight the obstacles that come in the way of your dreams, then no earthly power can stop you from achieving it. This movie is available on ZEE5 platform and I highly recommend this movie.   Watch #MeeRaqsamOnZEE5

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