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9 essential ways to greet people during the Coronavirus pandemic

Aloha Mitron,
Many of you might be thinking if the world is coming to an end after observing all that is happening in the past 2 months. Well, I too hope that it doesn’t happen. I don’t want the world to end that soon.
CoronaVirus is proving to be a great pain in the World’s ass and it should be kicked out. Well in this crazy world, every small event gives birth to fresh sets of memes creators, CoronaVirus also gave birth to some creative minds. The world has seen several thousand who succumbed to this deadly monster. Recently the World Health Organization (or WHO) termed this virus or the COVID19 disease as a pandemic and a few days back confirmed it to be an airborne disease. Well, not exciting! But something made me write a blog post on this topic.
We are used to a handshake or a hug or a high-five whenever we meet a person – be it a friend or a professional mate. COVID19 is a contagious disease that spreads rapidly when it comes in contact with humans. SO ultimately it can spread easily and that’s what the word contagious means; isn’t it? Well, it is like a movie. Remember the Will Smith movie – I am a Legend. Well, that is making rounds these days where people draw eerie parallels to that movie.

1. Namaste

Namaste is an Indian greeting style where you join your hands and wish with a pleasant smile. So during this flu season, go ahead and next time when you meet someone then say Namaste. Oh yeah! these days I am doing ‘Nah Imma stay at my bed’
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2. Footshake

So now that you are prohibited from having physical contact you might be wondering how to do a handshake or a hug. Well, there is this thing called ‘Footshake’ where you do a tiny jig using your feet and touch each other using the feet.
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3. Flying kisses

Well, my dear love birds, Fret Not! You might not be able to kiss each other but you can definitely send a flying kiss to each other 😉
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4. Air Hugs

My dear love birds, if you hate the idea of Air kisses then you can definitely try the Air hugs. What do you think about it?
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5. Jim & Pam High-Fives

The Office fans would surely have understood what I mean here. If you have been following the show, then come across a scene where you see Jim Halpert and Pam Beasly air high-fiving each other. Well, that’s cute!
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6. Elbow bumps

This is another innovative idea that was invented in the last few months aftermath the discovery of the Corona Virus. Have you tried this?
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7. Japanese Bow

In East Asia, they usually bow in front of a person as a token of respect. This usually happens in Japan. Well, if you do it now then ensure you maintain a 6 feet distance between each other
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8. Wakanda Forever Salute

If you are a King T’Challa’s fan, then you might try this Wakanda Forever Salute and greet your friends during this season.
coronavirus wakanda

9. Oh Hello!

If none of the above greeting techniques suite you, then why not stick to a simple hello.
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Oh, my beloved people, this virus is a pandemic and you all should definitely look after yourselves and your loved ones. Just ensure that you follow all the rules being laid by your respective governments and you self isolate yourself.  It is very important to exercise caution during this time where we all need to support and help each other. Please behave wisely.
Maintain social distancing and if you happen to meet someone and want to greet them without touching each other then follow the above technique I taught you.
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