Story of Sathya

This is a crazy ass world

The world where we dwell is a big mean world comprising of mean people. The fake mask of people around you would fall off someday and then you would regret trusting individuals who used you for their gains. I stay away from such fiends. A big lesson I learned in my life is to be careful if you let someone in your life. Trust is an important criterion in a relationship. But sadly often such malicious people bump into our life and paint amazing colors in our life but unfortunately, those are fake emotions that you perceive to be the truth.
We all need one good friend who would be kind and nice to you. From my past experiences, I have realized that I’ve allowed access to certain people in my life who have been mean to me. But later I realized that these people won’t stand for you in your time of need. We need one real authentic friend in this crazy ass world who will be by your side as a guiding angel. But hey! Isn’t that a huge expectation and from my childhood experiences I know that expectations always hurt and it hurts really bad. So I stay miles away from this word.
We should stay away from people who befriend you for your Amazon Prime credentials, Netflix account or your MoviePass cards. They need you for a purpose and once their work is done, they won’t need you anymore. I’ve been known to be kind and generous because like a fool I trust people blindly. Now that I am careful when someone tries to befriend me. Cuz this is a crazy mean world! And no one cares for anyone except for your own Keith and kin.
I’ve met a gem of people during my stay outside my home. I still remember the day during my early 20s when my parents used to be worried to send me out to a different location for my job. They were mighty upset then. But now I realized that I would be a completely different person if I had not stepped outside my house then. During my exile from home, I learned some great amazing life lessons and made some amazing friends. I haven’t been in touch with most of them but I plan to visit them whenever I am back in India. Life hasn’t been kind to me, you see! It snatched my beloved little sister a few years back whose void is still hurting me and that hurt has left a deep scar in my heart. I remember I once cried for a friend with whom I was close to. I would talk to him on the office communicator whenever we had time. We used to discuss various strategies on how to switch jobs. Luckily he got to change his job before me and I was not feeling good that he was leaving the company. I really felt hurt. Maybe that’s because of my nature and my inability to get going to people around me. I always find myself at a point where people take me for granted and that’s a shame!
So, I want to inform you that you should choose people wisely and not let anyone enter your life. Don’t trust people too easily and that’s a lesson for everyone.  Make true friends and make that relationship count. Let not people enter your life and step over you and take you for granted. When you give your 100% then you should at least expect 10% but again like I always say that expectations always hurt! I hope that 2020 has been really great for you guys and you will do well in your life. Have fun my amazing people. I miss you all and I remember you whenever I can! See you soon!
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