Story of Sathya offers free internet COVID-19 affected offers free Internet.

“I have terribly bad news to say,” Jennifer Austin, visibly upset, said to her boyfriend John.   “And what is it?” John asked.   “Crabtree fired me,” Jen said, tears trickling through her eyes. “I wonder when will this COVID 19 madness come to an end. Over 10 million have lost their jobs because of this stupid virus,” John said, his hands wrapped around her shoulder. “Even San Diego is so messed up because of this,” he added.   It was not a good time for Mother Earth. It was inflicted with one of the deadliest viruses ever to haunt mankind. 

“I have no inkling about what is going to happen to us,” Jen said, “I got so many bills to pay.”    “And my network provider even disconnected my internet services and I am not sure how to apply for jobs,” Jen added.    At the same time, Jen’s phone beeped with her best friend Stephen’s text message.  “Jen, I sent you something. I got an email from a friend Victoria. Just check it!”    Jen grabbed her boyfriend John’s mobile phone and logged into her Gmail account.  

“We’re giving away internet to help those affected by COVID-19,” read the subject line.   Hello Stephen, My name is Victoria and I’m with We’re based in Salt Lake City and have recently been impacted by the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Many of us are relying more than ever on the internet to stay connected during this period of social distancing and isolation. The team at wants to help! Whether you’ve shifted to working from home, or you’ve recently lost your job, we want to help twenty US households by giving two months of free internet during this difficult time

What? We’re choosing twenty households to receive free internet for two months. They must be located in Salt Lake City, Utah; San Diego, California;, Seattle, Washington; or Phoenix, Arizona.

Where? Apply here:

When? Apply by April 19th, 2020.

Why? We understand that the impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent shutdowns have been difficult for our local communities. We want to help families and businesses during this unprecedented time.

Who? is an internet comparison site in the US. Our internet experts help people choose the best internet plan in their neighborhood. We want to make your internet decisions fast and easy, and we’re all about connecting folks to the answers they need so they can get connected and get moving. Learn more about us here:

Here are some additional resources for you to share with your audience regarding internet and COVID-19:

Please help us get the word out there to your audience that we’re here to help. If you have any questions or need any quotes, Skype interviews, or additional assets, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay healthy, Victoria.

Jen quickly clicked on the link and applied for the free internet. 

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