Story of Sathya

Lull after the storm

Life changes when there is a  lull after the storm
You might be wondering why I have twisted this popular phrase of “Lull before Storm”.  No wonder, life now seems different.  To be honest, my life has always been a lull before as well as after the storm. The storm stole all our happiness and it left behind melancholy. It’s just that we are still fighting our best to recover from the damages it caused. Too much of analogy huh! Well!
I am trying hard to get back to regular writing and reading. I never really felt that I would be able to write again. The creative juices in my brain that once used to flow like a mighty river has drained off and all that is left behind is a severe drought of creative ideas. My mind can no longer think like it used to do in the early 2010’s where my brain would churn out wonderful ideas. My posts from the past are the evidence of my creative work.  Now when I look behind and reminiscence those days, it just feels like that was another guy who wrote it. I have been working hard on the professional front and maybe that’s why I could not dedicate enough time to what I love. 
It’s true that the loss of your loved ones can break you into shards.  Life hurts the most when your loved ones turn into memories and you are left behind in their memories that are presented in digital photos and videos. Its been 10 months and her absence have been haunting us like never before. I am sure my sister is happy in heaven. 
It’s becoming difficult to focus on several things.  You look at yourself with pity and see yourself sinking in your own pain. I am caught as the prisoner of my past and I am not able to get out of it. I have been learning new things. With great difficulty, I have been trying to learn Python which far most is the programming language of the future.  It might be difficult but I am sure I am going to conquer the old me once again. 
I have joined a popular professional networking site called Shapr and I have made many new friends through that.  Its conceptualized from the very idea of Tinder and several dating websites. The only difference is that you meet people on the basis of your skills.  Well, try it if you are interested in professional networking.  It was during my times of struggle when I would helpless look at those 100s of blog posts that I had subscribed to in the past. That was when I chance upon the Blogchatter email of ‘My Friend Alexa’. I have already participated in this in the past years though my blogging has gone for a toss after I migrated to the USA. 
Right now my goal is to learn something new that the market demands and progress in life.  It’s not that I no longer cherish blogging and doing creative stuff. It’s just that I want to give some me-time to myself.  But of course, creativity defines my me-time. I read a few of my old short stories and I read the comments from each one of you. You all have been my strength and I believe I will back to regular blogging soon. Though I say this every time and disappear,  this time I  promise I will be regular. I have enrolled in the ‘My Friend Alexa’ this year. 
Stay in touch and thank you to the kind people who take time to visit this deserted blog and spend some time here.  I wish you all the best 

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