Story of Sathya

When the sun stopped shining..

The voice of silence speaks thousand unheard stories filled with pain and melancholia.  When one day the heart that beats for no reason comes to a halt, dreams collapse, shatter and get butchered.  That time, when the world speaks good and forgets everything.  I’ve seen it all.   When tears dominate the cries and the pain as the beloved treads through the dark roads to their heavenly abode. 
I’ve sauntered along the eerie roads of my life in the past few years. The pain in my heart began to excruciate as I saw my beloved sibling in pain. With each growing day, the fear of seeing something unexpected and uncalled put me to test.  Our world, she was! How will our world seem if she had to leave us all alone? For ages, I shed my tears on my bed thinking about the destiny that was written in her fate. My mother cried every day thinking about her daughter’s future and my father grew weak thinking about her princess who was soon to fade.
A beautiful nest it was a castle of a  king who wanted to fill it with joy and mirth.  Like cheerfully warbling birds, the little princess, and her prince brother sailed through the ocean of life that dared to threaten them with too much pain in future. Those days, things were different. There was no pain and not even a word of melancholia. Life was different and not even a single iota of gloominess crept in. 
Her tiny little eyes captured my attention when I held her in my soft little 6-year-old arms.  It was the most precious moment in my life to hold my precious little. I thanked almighty for giving me the most important gift of my life. I promised her that I will take care of her and give her everything that she desires. Mum, Dad, and her Brother comprised her tiny little world.  Life was awesome until one day when the world turned upside down.  Soon, brightness faded into dark and joy turned to sadness. Within no time, the happy castle in the kingdom collapsed shattering dreams and happiness of 4 like-minded individuals who lived for each other.  Soon tears flooded the remains of the happy castle where they sought solace.  The happy face of the princess soon turned sad. She lost her smile as she suffered. Lord had punished the tiny little being by gifting her something that she never demanded or asked for. The Lord God gave her a disease that even the doctors were not aware of nor the medical fraternity was! A disease that had no cure nor solution was what destined to her! Every night she wept thinking about her lost future and forbidden happiness.  Years passed, the King, Queen and the Prince took care of their baby princess like she was their precious jewel. Indeed, she was precious! Even deep drowned into depression, they never let her stay sad. Such was their love for each other.  Days grew into night and months grew into years and the princess’s condition deteriorated. 
For no reason, the almighty decided to take her with him and that was the day when the sun stopped shining for us. I lost my beloved sister, my mom and my dad lost their only princess.  How cruel can God be?
Our small little world became meaningless and the void left by my little sister haunts us.  Why she had to leave the world at a tender age? They say that we all are living in the hell and she had gone for a better place in the kingdom of God. How can she be happy there when her world was here? Will my mother and father ever get a beautiful little daughter again? There are so unanswered questions in my life.
The only word I hear is to stay strong. How can one stay strong when you broken? I look at myself and reflect on the past few years of my life and I have come to a realization that I have lost more than I actually gained. 
Sigh! Even if the sky comes falling down and the Earth shatter and the Volcano erupts, my love for my little sister will never shrink and she will always be there in my mind and soul as one of my best person in my life. I miss her and her voice haunts me.  I am always proud of her. Though she isn’t around, but she is always in our mind and she will always be a part of our life.  I will never forgive the almighty for taking our precious princess from our life at a tender age and defeating us three and making our life meaningless. 

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