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Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence! Such a paradoxical phrase it is! You might be wondering how can silence have a voice. Yes, that’s true! Silence does not have a voice and if you believe this then there can be no fool other than you.
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Our system functions in such a way that it will honor your request only if you raise a concern. No one would ever come to know if something is bothering you. We all have an option of raising our voice but we chose to remain silent. Raising our opinions and voices are the greatest gift that we humans can ever be given. Democracy is the greatest gift for people of any country because our views are heard. Us Indians are risk averse individuals and we think about the different risks before commiting to something. We think thrice before making a decision. But in this process, we fail to understand that we let failure leak through the system and thus making it more corrupt. 
Many years back while I was studying in college, I saw a man bickering with a traffic police for breaking the rules. It was a clear felony. Instead of writing a ticket, the police was finalizing deals with him on the amount of money that the man needs to bribe him with.  There were many people who stood there and watched this melodrama as mere bystanders. It was a win-win for the police and the man but ultimately we all who stood and watched the scene were the real losers. And that’s how we lose and keep losing several battles. We let corruption seep through our system. We need to clean ourself before raising fingers at others.  Looking at this scene, even other bikers may offer to bribe the policeman when caught! This is how it starts.  I was very young then and perhaps never wanted to seek inspiration from that event. It disturbed me to the core. 
And then I realized that it was how things worked. We were creating a corrupt culture that may affect the future generation. And then at some point in time, you will come across a scenario where you would find no honest person! 
We need to raise our voice if something wrong happens in front of our eyes. We have to try our level best to prevent such occurrences.  Don’t be a sheep!
I am not sure if you know the story of a camel that used to eat thorns when it was hungry.  It used to taste its own blood and satisfy its hunger. Eventually, we all are going to be like this camel if we don’t voice our opinions or remain silent.  
Consider the case of an office scenario. Generally, I avoid office politics and trust me sometimes office politics are entertaining. We get to see the true colors of many people whom we work with! A colleague whom we work with could be verbally abusive and aggressive at times.  You may have reported it but others may have not though they might face the same too! Because not everyone likes to open their mouth when it comes to things that matter the most.  When we don’t report such issues, then the management thinks that the issue has been addressed and resolved.  You will be a loss here! 
Our leaders can’t know how to fix problems unless they know about it.  But the challenge here is to find leaders that want to fix things and have the power and knowledge to do so! But sadly its a seldom sight! 
No one loses anything by embracing silence because you might think why should I raise my opinion when I can get the things to work through some other means but ultimately you are losing a lot! You are indirectly hurting many through this gesture of yours for your personal gains. Trust me, we all need to put collective efforts to fight against the corrupt system. And for this, the prerequisite is that we need to be vocal and voice our opinions about anything that is wrong. That’s a must for a progressive system else watch your country going into the corrupt and the wrong hands. Silence is NOT golden! Never!
Speak up if you see something wrong happening or silently be a part of the wrongdoings! JUST SPEAK UP

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