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Home Away – Again

At 21 when I stepped outside my home for the first time , I felt something unusual because I was going to stay from my family that I loved forever. My family was precious for me and of course family is precious for anyone! At that tender age, I got a posting at an unexpected location in North of India and I had not even envisioned working at that location.  But then, I somehow managed it. There were difficult situations but I was immature and not accustomed for such a major change in my life. In fact I didn’t predict it. My mom used to be worried about her 21 yo son and of course she had some good reason to worry as I would call her every day and share my plights and sufferings with her.

But that solid experience  taught me life changing lessons. I  grew into a responsible individual. Exact 8 years later I am confronted with a similar situation. The only difference is that at that time I was too young but now I am a mature enough to understand things. Because I know that there are people who love you and constantly telling them your struggles at a new place will worry them. This time it was North of India but the South East of America. America was a dream country for many youngsters from the  far east. America beckoned!

I arrived here on 21st May 2017. The travel was smooth and at each terminal I had people who were helpful and answered all my questions. Its been one week in the US and I never felt like I was missing home. Social Media channels had made life  easier as I talk to my loved ones on an every day basis. Their physical presence won’t be felt but at least you won’t miss them because they are the one who actually care about you even you are far away.

How gracefully human minds evolve, right?  They adapt so quickly!  I hope to enjoy my stay in the new country – the land of opportunities. Lets see how it goes!

I had written a long post  the other day but I did not save it. Today when I launched , it was just the title and an empty  content body that I witnessed.  At a first thought, I really felt weird and then I thought that I should be writing this. I have not had enough time for my blogs but I am at this point of my life where I feel that I should be giving more time to my blog and I believe that I would be doing it for sure.

I will be updating about my life in the US through my blog and I will blogging. It feels good to be back.


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