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The Wrong Missy Review: A Crazy Comedy

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"A man accidentally invites a crazy blind date from his past who shares the same name as the woman of his dreams to his work retreat."

The Wrong Missy is a boisterous comedy featuring David Spade and Lauren Lapkus. David Spade’s collaboration with Adam Sandler continues once again in this movie though the latter is the producer and not an actor. This comedy movie is fun to watch, and you will not regret wasting your 2 hours of your life. The film will give you a laughter riot for sure.

the wrong missy review

Tyler Spindel’s ‘The Wrong Missy’ starts with a major misunderstand and a mishap that eventually turns out into a comedy. I am not sure under what genre this movie falls into, but I loved it. Though it was gross, the storyline was good. It starts with a blind date where the protagonist Tim Morris meets Melissa, aka Missy, whose first impression on Tim is not so good. He freaks out because of her dumbness, and her crazy acts annoy him.

After a dry first date, three months later, Tim meets the lovely Melissa at the Newark airport on his way to a business trip. Their limited interactions lead to good camaraderie, and they exchange their numbers. She is instantly attracted to Tim, and Tim is excited, but his happiness is shortlived. He texts the phone number that she gave, and perhaps that’s the turning point of the story.

Little did Tim know that a major nightmare awaited him. Nate, a friend from Tim’s office, urges him to invite her to Hawai where his company retreat was going to happen. But sadly, Melissa, who visits him is not the lovely Melissa whom he meets at the airport. Tim is grossed out at the sight of the dumb Melissa. Her stupid and insane behaviors annoy him to the core.

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Everyone around finds her unpleasant, and Tim is highly embarrassed because of her actions. Certain events lead up to the tragic comedy that includes a shark attack, party mishaps, and so on. Missy is a self-proclaimed CPR expert, psychologist, chiropractor, and whatnot, and during this journey, she helps in improving the friendship between Tim and his new boss. It’s messy and directionless, but Tim eventually falls for Missy.

During this time, Jess, played by Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie Sandler, informs Missy that she isn’t the one who was supposed to be there and tells her about Tim’s story about his encounter with the lovely Melissa. Missy is visibly disappointed and leaves Hawai. Tim misses her, and eventually, he sets up a blind date at the same place where they met for the first time. She meets Vanilla ice there and tries her best to avoid Tim but eventually accepts him after Tim proposes her.

Lauren Lapkus is known for such bizarre roles, and this movie was all about her craziness! The Wrong Missy is a good movie to watch during a COVID19 lockdown. It is a crazy and funny movie available on Netflix. Do watch it! Let me know what you think about the movie.

I won’t be harsh with this review. The script is lose and I believe that the story has no directions so I won’t complain much. It’s just a watch once and forget kind of movies. Some actors could have performed better. But nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it and that should matter the most. Well, most of the Happy Madison productions films are such and that so-called ‘Rom-Com’ from an Adam Sandler produced film is certainly fulfilled here. One thing is for sure is that the fearless Lauren Lapkus stole the show with her funny performance.

This film features one of my favorite songs ‘No Roots’ by Alice Merton. Check the song below. You’ll love it for sure!

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