Story of Sathya

Rang Rasiya

He  walked fast. It seemed he was in a hurry. He was sporting a black hoodie. He dashed against a group of boisterous young Indian teens.

“Sorry!” The man said.

“Hey Kaaliye.”

“Mitra bagh Neegro..” One guy said to the other. 

“Neegro nahi re vedya West Indies cha Gayle saarkha disto ha,” the other guy said.

“Kaaliya.” The word he hated the most. He stood there while the brats surrounded him by forming a circle.

“Kaaliya, Kaaliya” They all started singing in unison. He clenched his fist trying to control his rage.

The chants didn’t stop. With each passing seconds, they started screaming loudly. The man got vexed. 

He removed a bottle from his bag and sprayed it across their face. The pain was excruciating and unbearable. Some of them screeched in pain.

“Deva..ka kela ha Kaliya ne..”  The guys started crying and their facial skin started peeling off!

The man started walking towards the railway station and the helpless guys covered their face with their handkerchiefs.

The same evening the Times Wow News Reporter announced on his show, “The curse of the Rang Rasiya continues. Acid poured on the Pune boys! What is he upto? India wants to know.”

Yes, he was the serial killer-Rang Rasiya, the man who loved colors but hated black and never spared the ones who called him Black.

Call him Black and he will paint you black!

Kaaliya – Black
Deva..ka kela ha Kaliya ne – Oh God, what did this blacky do to us!

Mitra bagh Neegro – Friend, see Neegro.

Neegro nahi re vedya West Indies cha Gayle saarkha disto ha- Hey mad, not Neegro, he looks like the West Indian Gayle.

Story of Sathya

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