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Reasons why the locations of the properties really matter

Story of Sathya
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Location of any property plays the biggest role in the real estate market. The value of the property depends mainly on the location. That is why you will see that different houses in different localities have different price value. In the year 1926, The New York Times also highlighted “location, location, location” thrice. Houses are long term investments so choose a house and judge the location very well! A real estate agent also pushes and encourages their clients to buy a worst home at the best locality. The price of the property depends on where it is situated. If you want that your house value increases and the investment you make turn out to be a profitable one then go for the 5 finger rules discussed below:
A good neighborhood
Who wants to stay in an unsafe neighborhood? One wants to feel at ease in their homes. That is why we say “home sweet home sweet’! A good neighborhood will have an amicable and interactive neighbors, and safe outdoors. There will parks and playgrounds where you can walk and relax. Don’t go for a locality where you hear the news of frequent burglary. In today’s fast moving world, neighbors are becoming more strangers. Hardly, they know each other well. So choosing a rent house in Bangalore with good neighbors is the first criteria.
Water facility
If you are buying a house for the first time then you should check out whether the houses receive proper water facility. If the area suffers from water crisis then in the long run your property value will definitely go down. A tenant looking for a rental apartment or flat in Bangalore will also choose the one which gets proper water facility.
 Transportation facility
If you are buying a home, it is indeed a long run investment. Many people buy a home to settle down in their old age. So the houses should be connected well with proper transportation facilities. Many towns are still not well connected with buses or train routes. So buying a property in those places will incur you more cost. As you have to again invest in your car. So check out whether your house is connected with bus route at least within 20 minutes distance.
Good schools
If you have a kid or even if you are single, if the houses are located near good schools then you will see that the people are more social and the property also gains added value. While you are purchasing your own home think wisely and acts like a future seller. Why will a family with two kids buy your house if it is located far away from a school? Bottom line: Check out the school directory also!
Entertainment zones
Your house should be located near to shopping malls, hypermarkets so that you can reach out there for your daily consumption. In coastal areas, the houses located near sea beach have a higher value. You can also check out whether any clubs, restaurants are nearby or not. Also, keep in mind to check out whether any pharmacy or hospital is present in the adjacent place.

Location truly matters a lot. A location is the ultimate value setter of your property. Go for the best-located houses! Maybe a seaside viewing house or a house located near the most happening restaurant! Choose well if you are buying or looking for a rental accommodation in an Indian metro like Bangalore

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