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Reflections & Retrospection

In IT industry, especially in Agile Scrum software teams, retrospection is an important activity that takes place after  few sets of user stories are delivered in a Sprint. It might sound like Greek and Latin to most of you out here. It simply means that we analyze the good things, bad things, scope for improvements and other such factors in that particular meeting led by our scrum master. It is a practice that every Agile team follows in the IT world. Reflections and Retrospection’s are essential. It basically serves as a feedback mechanism. 

It was the first time I was taking part in something like  the A to Z Blogging Challenge in my  9 years of blogging. I had been pretty dormant and sometimes I even forgot about the existence of my blog. But even then I managed to stick to it and give life to it. Isn’t that amazing? During the college days, life was different so I had ample time to feed my blog with blog posts that basically contains short stories, 55 fictions and poetries (occasionally). But this year, as my blog completed 9 years,  I decided to take this challenge. I am an admirer of all the bloggers who are enthusiastic about the different kinds of blogging challenges and  the weekly prompts. Once I used to take part in such weekly prompts like the Sunday Scribbling and 6 Words Wednesday etc. That was basically to get a connection! But as work started, something that I feared years back actually happened – I started having less time for myself and hence sorting out time for blog was a challenging task.  Today I feel exhilarated and jubilant  after having completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I should admit that somewhere in between N and O , my work load at office started increasing. I was worried that I will have to stop this challenge in between. But luckily  started writing short posts since then in form of short write ups, 55 fictions, quotes and so on. But honestly I am not a guy who  is used to writing short blog posts. If you analyze my blog posts of past, you would learn that my blog posts had an average word count of  around 800 to 1000 words. Writing 25 – 60 words blog posts was difficult.There was conscious thought in my mind that actually disturbed me. On work front, I had to give sufficient time to the high priority work items that knocked my door during the last minute. But it was okay! 

During the course of time I somehow realized that before taking any kind of challenge, one should ask them self about the commitment factor. If you have time and if you could dedicate some amount of time for this  activity, then you shouldn’t be having any problem. At several occasions between April 10 to 24  , several thoughts haunted my mind. I even dared to quit this challenge. But at the end of the day, I did it. I am feeling proud of myself. I finally did this challenge. I can’t contain my happiness at this moment. 

Also there was a learning. In one of the post where I had emphasized on Quality, I recieved a comment where the blogger spoke about the quality of the post. It was irony! Thought I had written about Quality but it lacked Quality. The blogger attributed haste and  lack of time to be the reason. I just could agree to his points

The A to Z team did an amazing job. Though I had a limited interaction with them but from what I heard from my other blog pals, they were simply awesome. It takes huge efforts to organize something like this. You all are incredible!  I would love to take part  in this challenge again next year and probably next year I won’t be complaining because I would plan things appropriately.  Well done team. See you next year!

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Story of Sathya

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