Story of Sathya

Practice makes a man perfect

Story of Sathya
These days I am more into photography. After my D5200 arrived, the photo freak in me  has arisen. He was in deep slumber all these days. Three years back I was adept at it but unfortunately an unexpected break resulted in a sabotage of all my photography skills. But lessons learned won’t get fade easily. But at the end of the day to master something you need to be perfect and to be perfect you need to practice a lot. Rome was not build on the same day. 

There are people who results on their first attempt. Well, why not? Its good to be ambitious at times but being realistic sometimes matters too!  Looking at something for a short period of time and then expecting to master it might not be  so nice to hear. You need time for analysis and research. All the masters took several years of sincere practice to excel in their respective fields. Even a cricketer does net practice before his big game! That’s because he wants to give his 100 % on the real stage. So he practices by simulating the actual environment. Several times in my life I have realized that due to lack of practice, I have failed and fell miserably. I messed up at my Engineering Entrance exam due to lack of practice and the so called over confidence. Confidence when edges beyond the threshold will always going to be a problem! I had  learned from that mistake and then on things moved on. Once bitten twice shy! Yes, I learn from mistakes and everyone should learn from mistakes too It’s okay to fall and fail but ensure that you rise up by your own. Not everyone is going to be with you in this journey of life. There will be obstructions and distractions. You need to set your goals and focus on it.  And you need to practice hard to achieve something. Perfection is something that cannot be achieved on a single day! When I touched my Digital Camera, I was convinced that someday I will click master class photographs.

Practice makes a man perfect, even woman! πŸ˜‰ 

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