Story of Sathya

Because I said so!

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Constantly changing last minute Functional Requirements, Approaching Deadlines, Tight Timelines, Tedious Documentation work, Blurry Vision and endless mugs of Coffee. Life summed in one line.

Non adherence to quality standards, non conformance to requirements, less testing period! How can you assure quality in such a case? Not every Engineer in IT world is a Batman! A product delivered with bad quality will come back and hit the management hard which in turn would hit back at ground level that comprises the code coolies and the quality mongers.  The boss will look towards you emphatically as you make a puppy face at him, crocodile tears streaming down your cheeks. His heart won’t melt! Making big promises is Okay in this nation of Billions! People elect you when you make tall promises for power but the same people will pelt stones and eggs at you if you don’t fulfill it! This is not new to this part of the world. Same is in the IT world! Any product that breaks at the client site will return back to you in form of atom bombs. Your manager and your senior management will seem hooligans to you. You would witness the other side of their face. Learn to say No! If you don’t know to say No, then remain silent. Silence implies  agreement!? Who said it? They say it wrong! It’s like a boomerang – you throw something, it returns back to you! You do it to impress them and certainly one day it will hit you hard and you would fall drastically and no one would be there to help you! You will have to stand all by yourself! The King of good times will make your life difficult!

Think twice before committing to anything! Never succumb to pressure and say yes to everything without thinking! It will make you regret at some point later and life would be miserable. Don’t think of momentary happiness, thing of long term pleasure. Think rationally, logically!  Because I said so!

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