Story of Sathya

A letter to Amma

“Dear Amma,

How are you ? I’m good here and you don’t need to worry about me. I’m happy and excited to be working in Hotel Saravana Bhavan. I was taught to serve customers and collect food plates today. I did it without any mistake, Amma You know what? My boss Ganeshan Anna has hiked my salary by Rs15. I can’t contain my happiness. I love you Amma and I also know that you love me too.

Love you,

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he typed this letter. He neatly folded the letter and placed it in front of his Mother’s framed photo. His mother became God’s favorite when they had visited Nagapatinam to offer prayers to Mother Mary. The gigantic Tsunami waves had swallowed his entire family. A benevolent Ganeshan offered him  a job at his restaurant and ensured that Muthu remained happy.

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