Story of Sathya

A Blessing in disguise!

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I walked along the rocky roads of life; when I looked behind, I noticed that I was the lone warrior battling against life. For a moment I felt like I was bereft of basic happiness. Those whom I could call as my own  left me all alone. I was plunging deep into the sea of Solitude. Some would call it a state of isolation, loneliness and what not. I had been seeing skeleton in my own closet and nursing the brute’s wound. Some say, wounds with scars on heart leave behind an imprint which would not erase easily. This scar reminded of that gory night. I seemed to have been jinxed. Life had faded and jaded. Some say that life without loved ones is like a rudderless boat. I seemed to have been travelling solitary in this rudderless boat which was once filled with happiness. The boat would be filled with happy faces. I seemed to be struggling and I could not accept what life had to offer me. Now all that was left in my life was sorrow and my melancholous past often reminded me of something disastrous. I had lost my smile!  I had lost my family on that tragic night. My Baba, Maa and my younger sister Twinkle became Shiva’s favorite when they had gone to Amarnath. They were swallowed by the floods in Uttarakhand which killed thousand others along with my loved ones.

The 7 AM alarm bloomed violently. I rolled on the other side of the bed, trying to reach the alarm clock. Finally I silenced the alarm clock and rushed to the kitchen to prepare tea and breakfast. Maa would not have allowed me to enter the kitchen if she was alive. Sadly life was not the same anymore. I belonged to an affluent Gujarati family. I had everything in life sans happiness. What is life without kith and kins? Life would surely be tragic without them and I had already been experiencing this feeling. I took a sip of the tea as my eyes reached the corner of the other room. Twinkle used to study at that corner. Tears welled in my eyes. I closed the door and left for my office. I started my car from the parking and drove out from my apartment. I drove the car towards the T- intersection. As I drove, my eyes came across a beautiful soul. She was selling flowers at a flower stall near the Saki Naka traffic signal. She smiled and greeted her customers who went there to buy flowers and bouquets. For some weird reasons that day she strolled through my mind. There was something strange about her. On my way back, I saw her again at the same Saki Naka traffic junction. This time she was at an eatery stall. She neatly transferred the Poha from the container to the plastic bag and handed to her customer.  The old woman blessed her and walked away. This time she seemed different. Those 2 minutes were the best period of the day when my eyes witnessed her for the second time. I had found the ultimate joy of my life. Days passed and I witnessed different shades of this beautiful girl – a flower seller, fruit seller, sales woman etc. 

Story of Sathya
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One day I stopped my car near her shop and thought of striking a conversation with her. She was Nabiya – an ordinary Muslim girl who lived an extra ordinary life. I purchased all the Poha’s from her.  For a moment, it felt nice talking to her. I wanted to know more about her -her likes, dislikes and every minute details about her. I wanted to decrypt the greatest mystery in her life. We met every day and sooner we turned into good friends. During one such encounter she spoke her heart out. Perhaps, that was the day when I got to know more about her. All these days, I was of the opinion that life had done injustice to me. Her life was even more devastating. She lost her family in the 2005 Mumbai floods. We both had a similar fate and may be destiny wanted us together.  Amid all the sorrows, she lived a happy life, faking all the sorrows within.  I narrated my story to her. She felt sorry for me too just like I felt for her. Months passed and we got to understand each other well. We turned on to be great friends. She was lost in sorrow and I was submerged in a pool of melancholy. We both walked the same road as strangers. I sought happiness and joy in her friendly bonding. I loved spending time with her. I wanted this stranger to be my life companion. I mustered enough courage to let her know what I feel for her. She had no one for her just like me. She disapproved of my behavior at first. I asked her to mull over her decision for once. Weeks later she confessed what she felt for me.  It was then I realized that even she felt the same for me. We both got married. She was a blessing in disguise for me. I knew that she would fill the void created by my family in my life. She would festoon my life with beautiful colors. I was quite sure of that. Likewise she never disappointed me. We both lived for each other. During the early days of our marriage, she used to tell me about her dreams. Her dream of taking her family to Almighty’s own backyard. She had saved all her money to take her parents to Haj! But her dreams didn’t materialize. The Mumbai flood washed away everything – her home, her parents, and her happiness! She was the lone survivor in her family. I decided to fulfill all her dreams. I wanted to give her my share of happiness in her life. One day I decided to surprise her. We traveled to Haj which she believed was Almighty’s backyard. I did this only for her happiness. She wanted to question almighty why he snatched away our loved ones from our life. After she entered my life, happiness knocked my door and joy multiplied! We went further far away from everyone, so far that we could not be traced back and got lost in happiness and joy. We got closer and were lost in pure love. Far away, I got closer to her and got to know many interesting things about her. After Haj, we went on for a Euro trip. I wanted to make her life special. She was a blessing in disguise for me! I loved her more than anyone could! I took an oath to fulfill all her dreams. She was the only happiness left in my life now! From now on there was no sorrow – only happiness! And we lived happily forever!

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