Story of Sathya

The ‘Curious’ case of a Shopaholic!

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 Technology has changed human lives. Every day researchers and  scientists are busy working on theories and inventions. Three decades ago no one really thought that there would be great inventions that would make human lives easier. Ask your parents or those who lived in the 70’s and the 80’s era. My key focus area for this post would be to discuss on shopping and its impacts on human life. So who here doesn’t likes shopping! Everyone here loves shopping in one or the other sense – may be different people are attracted to different things. Women basically shop for beauty/makeup items or bags and clothes etc while men would prefer gadgets and devices. Such things depends on person to person. Earlier people would physically go to market places by taking efforts, walking down the stairs – step by step! I used to accompany my beloved mother to the nearby market. Those were the younger days of my life. She was an expert in bargaining! I sometimes admired her bargaining skills. How to buy a 500 worth hand bag for 175 bucks? Well take a bow,my mother will teach you. She would be the right person! ANYWAYS, the deal would be a win win for both the parties.  Here both the parties refers to me and my darling mother. Of course, the shopkeeper  would have been busy cursing us inside his mind for buying his lovely 500 Rs product for 175.  I am sure there must be many who could relate to this. Everyone has their own style of bargaining! But the ultimate purpose of doing this is to save  money. Of course, who would not want to save money!

Story of Sathya

I could never inherit this trait from her. Trust me its a god gifted talent and not everyone possesses it. Internet came into being in the early 90’s and lots of new websites came into picture. Internet refined itself with the course of time!  People never had to visit markets and stores to buy products and things. They could sit in front of their PC or laptop and order things at the click of  their mouse button. Later  tabs were introduced and the same thing could be simulated from tabs. But the ultimate thing still remained the same.  Now lets see who is the curious Shopaholic!

Do you Google for some stuffs and land up at a shopping website?
Do you see the left side bar of the shopping site for discounts?
Is your eyes sensitive towards words like bargains, discounts, cash backs,vouchers and coupons?
Do you take more than 5 minutes to make a decision whether to buy a product or not?

Congratulations, you are the shopaholic referred in this post. Women are demanding by nature. So to woo their attention and interests, online stores offers you a wide variety of offers and discounts. Which MEN would say no to their lady love when she asks him for a royal embroidered saree or a Diamond ring? Now a  loving husband would at least think twice before saying no to her or may be he would foul play by substituting  the diamond ring or the costly saree with a cheaper stuff. He would still make his lady love him. If you don’t or you can’t then await World War 3 at your home! Why do people bargain? Aforementioned every one wants to save money. If you save some grands  in some shopping transaction, you could rather utilize the remaining in some other transaction. The concept of discounts were introduced. Well discount is an old term introduced in markets to lure customers. Who would say no to a vendor who sells a product at 10% discount. Of course, no would say no when they are getting the product at a slightly cheaper price. Never say Never! Discounts actually have benefited a large number of shopkeepers.  While strolling down the market lane, your eyes would easily come across one banner or board with some fascinating texts written on it – “Buy 5 shirts, get 3 free at 500 Rs”. This is another method of selling your product. This is in the game! Discounts are not just limited to physical shopping. In most of the online shopping websites, you could find the discount slider bar somewhere on the left  on the product listing screen. It actually helps the customer in some way. In what way? Well we all know! It helps the customer to save money. This post is going to revolve around  one theme  – TO  save more! *evil grin*

Story of Sathya

Then came the era of coupon codes.  There was a guy who used to work with me at my previous organization. Everyone used to call him a dealer. He  used to get product for people at a discounted price. Guess how? No, he is not  a kingpin of  the online shopping world. No , he is not even a privileged customer of the website.  He used to  get coupon codes for people. No one really knew how and from where he got those coupon codes from. He rather remained mum when anyone asked him about this secret. Once he revealed this secret to my friend,it was no more a secret! My friend proved to be his tough competitor. They both used to Google coupon code of the day.They would provide this coupon code to the others who knock their door for help. In short they played the role of virtual  shopping vendors. Of course, they accumulated large points which further helped them in getting  products at discounted rates.  These days most shopping websites came up with the concept of deal of the day and other innovate concepts which only facilitated customers. Who doesn’t wants a smile on their customers face?

The latest concept to hit the market  is cashback. Cashback is a really innovative concept. It aims at delivering the same thing that discounts and other schemes offer. But its not instantaneous. You could get discount instantaneously but  cashback comes to us as a part of your monthly credit card bill – rather the cashback amount is credited back to your account. You have to make the payment using the issuing bank.  Shopping is actually fun. Online shopping is more fun. I came across a really cool website –

Story of Sathya has a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience of Indian consumers and help them shop smart. It provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel, lifestyle, apparels, electronics & the list goes on. Well the list actually goes on.  There are actually different sections and retailers mapped to those sections. E.g Jabong, Infibeam etc for Megastores and books respectively. You need to visit the retailer via and when you buy a product, a particular said cashback will be tracked on the gopaisa wallet. Isn’t it simple enough. 

Story of Sathya
Oh my curious shopper, why  are you thinking?  You should try something,  that’s new. “Market mei naya hai, jaldi forward kardo”,  These words sound familiar to everyone. Thanks to the Whatsapp group jokes. Online shopping has actually made life easier. When everything is being provided to you at the single webpage and that too at the click of a single mouse button. Would you even ask for anything more? Trust me, even my darling mother stops visiting markets. She shops online!
Everyone loves discounts, coupons, vouchers, cashbacks and more importantly bargaining!

Go Shopping,
Go order your favourite  pizza,
Go order your favourite authors book,
Go buy your favourite brand,
Go get the latest mobile phone at a huge discount
Go get cashbacks and coupons,
In short,
Go Paisa  – and save more! for every one wants to save more. When I can, then you can too!

Aforementioned, shopping is now easier, affordable and smart. All thanks to Discounts, Coupons and Cashbacks. Now, shop only to save more.

Story of Sathya

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