Story of Sathya

Journey to the Lala-land!

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I am Captain Shank. Everyone in India knows me as Captain Shanky. I am here at the White House to meet the President. The Jet lag because of a 16 hour air travel made me feel dizzy. I could barely open my eyes. 
“Shanky, the President has called you inside,” the President’s secretary Mr. Martin Nixon said. I could hardly hear what he said. I was lost in my own thoughts.  Planet Earth was in a serious danger. Lots of spying activities have been detected and NASA scientists believe that it could be a possible alien attack. There have been lots of talks about possible invasion of our planet in due course. The extra terrestrial creatures could be dangerous and they could make human life miserable. 

Story of Sathya

I rubbed my eyes and walked inside the President’s cabin.
“Hey Shanky, Good Morning…hope you had a safe journey,” the President said.
“Yes sir, indeed I had a great journey.” I said and tried not to close my eyes.
“I understand the jet lag Shank,” the President said and offered me a coffee.
“I definitely would like you to take rest but unfortunately I wouldn’t say that,” he said and continued, “The NASA scientists have identified some potential threat to our planet from Extra terrestrial elements.” 
“Yes, I got to learn that Mr. President,” I said and smiled at him. I took a sip of the coffee which the President offered. It was indeed royal and rich.
My eyes aimlessly wandered across the cabin and to add to my amazement, I was awestruck as I was sitting in front of the President.
“But why have you called me?” I curiously asked the President.
“We have identified some potential candidates who would go to the Silky Bay and investigate the location and research more about planet Bluto.” 
My jaw dropped as I heard all these from the President’s mouth. I was in two states whether to accept it or not. It would be a life changing event for me but if I take this mission then there could be a probability that I could not return back to Earth.
“You look Ashen, Shanky!” The President curiously asked me. “You alright. Would you like to lead this expedition?” he asked.
I wanted to tell him yes but I couldn’t convince my heart that it could pose a severe threat to me.
After mulling over the President’s words for over 10 minutes, I agreed to his decision.
We both shook hands and I left for Hotel Causeway, where I was supposed to stay. The same night 
President had invited me for a dinner at the White House. I enjoyed the meal and I gorged over almost all the dishes.
“Play safe Shanky,” the President said as I gorged over the Turkey legs.
“Yes, I am,” I said and added, “In India we eat chickens so Turkey is something new for me.”
The President gave me a straight face and said, “I am talking about the Lala’s and the Irwana’s, Shanky!”
“Oh I will try eating them too,” I said and searched the bowls present in front of me.
I continued searching for the Lala’s and the Irwana’s and said, “President, I don’t see them. Is it a stew or a soup?”  I curiously asked.
The President clenched his fist and said, “They are not eatables, Shanky.”
“They are the extra terrestrial creatures which pose danger to our planet,” he said and got up.
I stopped eating for once and stood next to him. “But don’t worry.. It’s the responsibility of the United States to ensure that you reach Silky Bay safely.”
“Have a safe journey!” The President said, smiling at me. 
I had travelled all the way from Muradabad to Washington DC to dine with the President just to know that he was planning to parcel me to the Silky Bay.
The NASA scientists trained me and informed me about the Lala’s and Irwana’s behaviour and their lifestyles.  They gave me rigorous trainings and conducted mock sessions for the same. They developed model images of ghost like creatures to represent Lala and Irwana’s and scared me. 
“So scary it is guys,” I said to the Senior Scientist.
“Shanky, don’t take it lightly, they will destroy you and may be even cook you for their lunch,” he said and scared me even more.
The day had arrived when my expedition was supposed to begin. I bid adieu to my family in India. It could also be my final adieu to them.  The international media was telecasting news on me and labelled me as the Brave son of planet Earth.
“Indian brave heart kick starts a new journey to the Silky Bay!” I eavesdropped a man discussing this news to his wife.

Story of Sathya
“Lord Shiva..Save me.” I said and got inside the space shuttle. The shuttle started and I was going to experience something new.
The trajectory was decided and the shuttle was thrown into space. The shuttle got disintegrated and I finally landed into planet Bluto in no time. I quickly got out of it and bounced on the planet like Neil Armstrong did it when he landed on Moon for the first time.
I was astonished when I learned that the gravity and other climatic condition at planet Bluto was similar to Earth. I got down and explored the scenic beauty of Bluto. It was greenery everywhere as I stepped down just like Earth. The sky was green in colour unlike Earth where it is blue.  There was no one in sight for miles.
I came across doll like structures that you see on Whatsapp Smiley lists.
The White Ghost sticking its tongue out used to be my favourite and the blue happy faced smiley with its horn. I saw something similar to it. In fact, it was the same smiley scattered around the places.
“Which artisan has exhibited his artwork in this part of the galaxy?” I screamed.
“So it means humans live here!” I said to myself.
The dolls looked so cute and the white ghost’s whatsapp smiley’s looked even cuter with its tongue sticking out.
I went close to one of them and said, “Hey White ghost smiley, Captain Shank is here to meet you guys,” I said and touched it.
As I touched it, I felt a completely different sensation. I felt like a very powerful earthquake of ricter 7.8 struck my head.
My head revolved like Earth revolving around the sun.
“Oh God! What just happened to me?” I asked myself, trying to figure out what happened.
At a closer glance, I heard some murmurings. I heard “Lala Lala” from their mouth. I looked behind and the murmurings stopped for once. The entire dolls like structures were at a stationery position.
I soon walked towards the green plants and stood near the tree leaning against it.  The tree pulled me towards it.
“Be careful Shank,” I heard.
I quickly adjusted myself and learned that it was indeed a dangerous planet. The President was right.
“I know there is some guy out here,” I said and continued, “Who creates dolls looking like Whatsapp smiley’s.”
“Please tell me who is it?” I politely asked.
 There was pin drop silence. Later on I realized that the doll like structures started moving and interacting with each other.
“Holy shit!” I said and freaked out. They all were coming towards me.
I swiftly ran away. The President had landed me into trouble. The doll like structures followed me. 
“Hey don’t run boy.” I heard a sound once again.
It was one of the doll like structure which spoke. “You speak?” I curiously asked.
“Yes, I very well speak.”
“I am the leader of the Lala community and welcome to the Lala land,” it said.
“Lala?” I asked, perplexed.
“Yes we represent the Lala’s and the Erwana’s of planet Bluto.”
“Like we have humans in Earth, you people have Lala’s and Erwana’s in Bluto, isn’t it?” I asked the leader Lala.
“You are absolutely correct, Shanky,” the leader Lala said.
“How do you know my name?” I asked the leader.
“We know everything about you and what you are here for?” the leader said and continued, “Lets walk for a while, I will show you something about this beautiful planet.”
“Yes sure,” I said and started walking with them.
I envisaged Lala’s and Erwana’s to be scary monsters with flagella’s all over their body just like the NASA scientists modelled.  They seemed sweet and gentle.
“I don’t know why humans are afraid of us,” the Leader Lala said.
We walked over the green meadows as the leader guided me and helped me in my exploration. 
I could not see any creatures except the Lala’s and the Erwana’s. They were too sweet. It was too big a task for me to analyze and research Bluto and their inhabitant.
“The President must have told you that we are planning to attack Earth.” The leader Lala said.

“Yes, he did,” I said exhibiting a straight face.
“We have no plans of attacking anyone’s land. We want to learn your culture and learn from from humans the art of living!” the leader said.
The leader Lala looked at me and said, “It will help us in making our life easier.”
“Come, I will introduce you to my community members!”
I followed the leader Lala like an obedient school kid.
“He is Honest Lala, she is Modest Lala, the little one over there is Trustworthy Lala,” he said and continued, “She is artistic Lala and he is Naughty Lala.”
I stood there dumbstruck, wondering why the Lala’s were based out of adjectives. Without much ado, I swiftly asked the leader Lala. 
“Well unlike humans, each one of us in the Lala family possesses a unique trait. Someone has inherited some unique gene from his or her parents.” The Leader Lala said.
“By the way I am Ingenious Lala.” The leader Lala said, sticking its tongue out resembling the infamous Whatsapp smiley.
“So you are the creative guy it seems Mr Ingenious Lala.” I said and chuckled.
My eyes aimlessly wandered across the terrains and the valleys. I was amazed at Almighty’s creation.
Zillion miles away in an unknown land in planet Bluto, he had created the Lala’s and the Irwana’s.
“I have a question Mr Ingenious Lala. May I ask?” I politely asked.
“Go ahead Son!” The leader Lala said.
Son? I laughed at myself and wondered that an alien saw me as its son.
“We have animals in our planet. I don’t see any such creatures here,” I asked.
“I appreciate you came up with such a question.”
“See Shanky, even we have animals here in this Lala land.  You will see everyone.” The Leader said.

Story of Sathya
I was already excited and I could thank the President billion times for sending me zillion miles away to meet wonderful people in planet Bluto.
As I walked, the leader Mr Ingenious Lala unleashed a completely different world to me.  I could see dogs and swine flying like birds.  My amazement grew more as I saw miniature Lions, Giraffe and Elephants. All the wild animals in Earth were Domestic animals in the Lala land. One of the miniatures Lion came running towards me and started licking my feet .Out of affection, I carried it and starting ruffling its fur. 
As I turned behind, I saw one of the Lala running towards me. “Shanky…go run this guy is crazy.” the ingenious Lala alerted me. I swiftly obeyed his words and ran to save my life. At some point of time, the distance between both of us lessened. He leaped over me and poked me with his finger and ran away.
“What was that Mr Ingenious Lala?” I asked the leader of the clan.
“He is the Poker Lala. He loves poking everyone and moreover he loves poking into others affair.
Such a little shit!” The leader said.
One of the Lala’s grabbed me and kissed me.
“Whats this?” I asked.
“She is Kisser Lala. She is like the Emran Hashmi guy in your planet who loves kissing.”
“Indeed Crazy!” I said.
Someone from the group offered me a drink. It was good refreshment for me after a long travel from Milky Way to the Silky Bay Galaxy. We sat down on the green meadows.
“Let’s talk business now.” The leader of the group said.
“Okay Boss!” I said.
“At personal level I don’t know why the President hates us. Aliens are kind. We live in our own world like you guys do.” The leader started.
“Let’s make a deal. You take us to your planet and teach us everything and we tell you everything about us.” 
“Wow that sounds interesting Mr Ingenious!” I said.
“Done.” I added.
“Cheers to our friendship.” The senior lala said and we hi-fi’ed each other.
“Between shall I pack my bags Shanky?” the leader Lala asked.
“Sure!” I said and asked, “I have a big doubt. Can I ask?”
“What doubt?”
“How do you speak English?” I curiously asked.
“We track what’s new on planet Earth through our satellite and probably that’s how I learnt English.” The Lala said and smiled at me.
We both started the voyage. The Lala’s and the Irwana’s bid adieu to their Leader Mr Ingenious Lala. 
History was going to be created. The Lala’s and the Human collaboration would give birth to many new ideas and certainly it could change lives.
I held my arms around Lala’s shoulder as the shuttle started.
The New was yet to begin. Alien invasion was a myth. Atleast I knew it!


Story of Sathya

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