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Heart-ing & Hurt-ing

Lies are dangerous! Agree? If you agree with me you might also be knowing that Lies are so strong that they have the power to break bonds. I have seen several relationships going strong over 5 plus years getting broken because of petty issues. Human mind always pulls itself to the other direction when it is involved in a conflicting situation with the heart.  Today I am going to narrate you a story of a boy and a girl. I would like my dear readers to give me the solution to the issue raised below.
Once upon a time in Bangalore, there lived a guy and a girl. The guy was senior to the girl by 3 years. They became friends through a social networking sites. They started chatting, texting and talking through phone. As each day passed, the boy and the girl got closer to each other. Months passed and the girl was addicted to the boy. The boy was a self proclaimed flirt who had many female fan followings and friends. The girl always taunted him by accentuating his female associations. She always had a bad impression of him. She is confident that she can’t fall for a guy like him. But few months hence, she sends him a text.**The bomb is planted.Love Blossoms** She falls for him. The guy is put to a test. “Oh! no…what the hell is wrong with this person?” The guy never had any such intentions in his mind about the girl. It actually wasn’t his fault to get closer to her as he was a friendly person. He was just playing the role of a good friend. But, there was a flaw somewhere. The boy was a liar. He lied a lot to the girl. Then one day, the girl introspects about the text messages and informs him that  that act of hers was out of affection and addiction.
The guy would call her every day and would text almost every other night. They say addiction is dangerous. When the human heart identifies someone special, it very well registers that persons minute details in the mind. The mind and the heart indulge in a win win communication and co operate with each other. Little do they know that emotions are even bound by actions. Fights and Verbal (Read Text) wars are parts and parcels of a relationship. The girl turned  back to  normal mode and she would taunt the guy  and associate and link him with his other female friends. She would irritate him to such an extent that they both land up fighting every other day.  But somewhere deep, the guy knew that he loved her.  She demanded loyalty and commitment from the guy. Relationship work on 3 basic principles or parameters if I could say so – Loyalty, commitment and Trust. Trust is an important factor in a relationship. People these days indulge in infidelity and somewhere trust is betrayed. I tell you today that  Trust is an important  element in life. It breaks heart and hurts people. The person may have immense trust on you but one day when you break their trust on you , then it naturally affects the bond. There is no point in adopting a damage control plan when damage is already done. But the damages which I am referring here are critical. After spending hours and days and years together with some like minded person, you find that there is something which is going wrong. It may be wrong from your end or your partners end but whatever is happening isn’t right! The bond would naturally weaken when trust is broken. And all that remains is tears and hurt. Very Often I have come across people who  fall in love and fall out of it because of lack of trust.  I have always been accentuating on the fact that relationship build on lies are like thread or a string to be precise. They may hold good for few days but after few days it may not be like it is. Then Happiness would be overshadowed by melancholy and gloomy times would follow. No one would like to confront such a situation in life. That’s why I warn people that never betray someone who trust you. The day you take some one for granted and hurt them by failing their trust test, then that day would be the end of everything. All that remains would be tears,hurt and guilt ( of course from the other end).
Loyalty is another important parameter for maintaining a strong bond. If you love someone why would you run behind some other person when your heart is fixed towards someone else. Trust me, a disloyal person is the most decieving being in this planet. They might appear good to you and behind you they might appear as a different person.  Coming back to our story. Our hero gradually fell in love with the girl. It was the same affection and addiction which made him fall for her. But this time the girl was clear! She made it clear that her feelings were just mere affection and addiction and nothing else. She didn’t believe in tagging relationship by names. The boy proposed her one day and wanted her to be his girlfriend. She blatantly refused citing friendship as a prime reason. She was a gem but the boy loved her. Days passed and late night chit chats, gupshups continued as usual. Business AS USUAL! Aforementioned, the guy was a big liar. His lies were harmless  because he knew  the value of relationship. He would tell her the magic letters – I love you – every now and then. She masquearaded her feelings for him by citing friendship as a reason. Somewhere deep inside she loved him too. One day, the guy  mentioned her about his past relationship. She got to know  that guy loved his ex-girlfriend even now. But still he lied all these days. She hated him since then as he always lied to her by citing the magic words. Doomsday! World breaks into two equal halves for the boy! The happiness in his life is hijacked by the hurt caused by the girl whose words weren’t soothing. She had given him several chances to improve and stop lying. But she tagged him as Mr.Harmless Lies and stated that he was a fool whose job was to fool women by making them fall for him. He couldn’t handle this dilemma for he knew that what he had for that girl were true feelings.  The girl kicked him out of her life although she was the active partner in this relationship ( or friendship).
When Trust, Loyalty and Commitment fails, a bond breaks! What Else?
So my lovely  Readers – My question for you is simple. What would you have done if you were the girl and the boy? Cause its wisely said that relationship build on lies won’t work but when it is rectified and lessons have been learned, shouldn’t they be forgived?

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