Story of Sathya

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Ever wonder what a Blank page could represent. I have no inkling on what I am going to write in this post. I bumped on to the BAT site after a long time and learned about the ‘Theme’ for this month. ‘Blank Pages’ was the theme decided by the group of BAT bloggers. I see the blank pages or note as a sensitive human heart, serene and clean. A human heart is precious and within it imbues lots of feelings and emotions. A blank page itself is pure by default just like a human heart. Its the human who scribbles through the blank pages of his life. In this process, he infuses different emotions which change his life. He decides for himself how he wants to use the pages.

Story of Sathya
He gives life to the blank pages by penning his first letter, word and line and starts scribbing.Its upto him what he writes as its his own book, brand new book. He perceives his book as something important. He cherishes his new book and takes care of it. In this process he hurts himself and plans to give his brand new notebook to someone special. He is unaware about the consequences and the aftermath of his action. He madly falls in love with his special one. Its sagaciously said that love can change a person upside down. You get to observe a drastic change in his behaviour. The loved one can never understand what the book with blank pages means to him. It is something close to him but for the loved one it is just another book. They together scribble on his book. The book serves as a collection of different emotions .It serves as a central repository of several special incredible memories.
Story of Sathya

They live together in their journey of life. Seasons change and bring joy and mirth in people’s life who seeks happiness through small things. They love each other. Sometimes life can be harsh, even harsher. Some say that life could be bitch at times. Life would be bitch for people who really consider it as a bitch. Everyone has a different perspective towards life. Happy moments in life could be overshadowed by the sadness which occurs in installments for a transient period. But we fail to learn from what life teaches us. We should not fail to understand that life is the best teacher. Problems do exist in life but one should not run behind those problems. A best strategy would be to tear of the pages which troubles you for you still have ample of blank pages in the notebook. Start a new journey, scribble on a fresh page. I tell you that life is not a roller-coaster life for everyone, you make your life. Every person born in this world is determined to struggle. This is a painful journey filled with struggle, melancholy, sorrow, joy, mirth etc. Its on his hands to transform the sorrows into happiness and melancholy into joy. I relate the blank pages as an amalgamation of different feelings and human behaviour .While in sorrow just tear of the pages. When you see sorrow in those pages crush them and when you see happiness just preserve those wonderful pages. The pages will haunt you for it still loves you. The loved one becomes an integral part of your life and at one period of time they become possessive over you. You turn busy and pay less attention to them. They might feel that you fail to care them. Relationship may become sour and that might even hurt you. That’s the time you question yourselfWhy did I even write on those blank pages?”.

Answer this question before you fall for someone. Relationship is like a string, delicate and easily broken. If you exert or pull it then it might break off. It becomes difficult to tackle those issues later on. Take a wise decision on how to use those blank pages. Thanks for sparing.Phew.Over & out.

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