Story of Sathya
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man roams with beast

On a rainy day, I was sauntering across the jungles of Brazil which hosted several dangerous Anacondas, Wild bears and different types of animals. As you know that I am a wildlife enthusiast and this time I will take you through the Amazon valley. Today we are in pursuit of the infamous Grizzly bears of Latin America.

“This is Dale Smith, from the Latin American jungle…CUT it guys…let’s have some drink,” I said to my crew and we headed for some food. I work for ‘’ and currently we are shooting for our show called ‘Man roams with Beast’ .Of course, the man is none other than me – Dale Smith.

“Dale – I think we are going to find ourselves under some trouble pretty soon…” the cameraman said to me as he gorged through some burgers, few parts of the burger were stuffed inside his mouth.
“Never mind mate, If Dale is here then why fear?” I said and we all started laughing.

“Guys, we need to hurry up…Today we need to tread through the dangerous jungle which I am sure is not going to be easy,” I said to my crew.

We drove our vehicle and at one point of time we realized that the road was too narrow to fit a jeep and hence we had to walk.  My crew started walking towards the Hadley River which shelters several crocodiles.

“Guys, its adventure time,” I said and smiled at my team mates.
I cleared my throat and said to my cameraman, “It’s time for the 2nd shoot….start the camera, keep it rolling.”

“Sure Dale!” He gestured me  thumbs up.
“Start …Camera…Action,” The director announced.
“Hola guys, I welcome you all to the ‘Man roams with Beast’ show. Today we are going to admire the beauty of the Latin American Grizzly Bears. Unlike all creatures, there is something unique about this species of Bears,” I said.

“They are very intelligent and they have a very peculiar and unique ways of hunting. A grizzly bear weights upto 400 pounds which is almost double of my size. Look at that Bear…see the way it’s hunting the salamonds which can be found in this part of the world,” I gestured our cameraman to focus the camera towards the Bear.

man roams with beast
We are going to follow him from sidelines and learn about his habits and interests.” I said.
“CUT…Brilliant job Dale!” The director appreciated me.
“Guys…Get me that apple juice and keep that match box ready…I would need to produce some fire and this bonfire shit doesn’t works well with the woods and twigs.” I said and took a sip of the apple juice.

“Quite an irony, Dale. During our show we pretend as if we are simulating the real scenario and lo we are having fun over here…apple juices ..Burgers and all.” The director chuckled.

“Of course..what else are we expected…you think it’s possible to survive on those shitty insects and raw fishes…never. That guy of ‘Discoverable TV’ can do that but Dale doesn’t needs to follow anyone…how dare you joke on me?” I got vexed for once.

“Chill Dale! We were just having some fun and here is your match box,” the director said and threw the match box towards me.
We need to follow that Grizzly bear…so we need to be careful as this can hurt us,” I asked my team to be alert.

We followed the huge Bear which was gorging on the fresh Salamonds which it had caught from the river. It was unaware of the fact that a group of 10 wildlife adventure mongers were capturing its every single action and activity on a camera.
I went close to the Grizzle bear. It never knew that I was behind him. The Grizzly bear turned behind with a swift and gave me a glare. This cold stare suggested me that it could be the last day of my life.

My entire crew escaped, leaving me all alone with the Grizzly bear.  I stood there firmly next to the bear. It send a chill down my spine as I saw a group of Grizzly bears coming towards me.

I learned that they were discussing something about me in their sign languages. It seemed the Grizzly bear which we spotted was the leader of the clan. Sooner, the other bears left obeying the leader’s words. The mighty Grizzly bear was busy eating the Salamond fish. I stood there like a statue having no clue what to do.

man roams with beast
“Dude, why the fuck were you following me?” I heard a loud coarse voice.
I sensed presence of human beings after hearing the voice. “Yey!” I started dancing.
The Grizzly bear seemed to be enjoying my dance. He started clapping and danced with me.
“Whoever it is, kindly help me…I am in a big trouble right now…I am stuck with this shitty brown monster,” I screamed for help.
“Why did you call me a monster? Infact I am satisfied with this Salamond.”I heard another voice.
With a swift, I turned aside and saw that it was the Grizzly bear who spoke earlier.I couldn’t believe my eyes. 
“You speak English?” I curiously asked the bear with my mouth agape.
“Close your mouth or I will put this fish inside it,” the bear said and started laughing.
“Yo brother! Why are you awestruck?” The bear asked. I had never seen an animal addressing me as a brother. It was all happening around me and I was confused on how to react.
“I haven’t met a talking bear and how do you speak English?” I said.
“Funny guy! I attended English classes,” he said and started laughing.
“You serious?” I asked.

“Of course, I am just joking!” The bear started laughing.
“I am Grizzles and you can call me Grizz,” The bear introduced itself to me and raised its hand forward to greet me.
I had my heart and all my internal organs in my mouth when our hands met.

I am Da Da Da Dale,” I stuttered as I introduced myself to the bear named Grizz.
“You got such a long name dude…I can’t call you Da Da Da Dale..”
“I will call you Dale. Would that be fine?” The bear asked me.
“Grizz, that’s my name…I am scared and I am feeling like I am drunk and talking to a Grizzly bear,” I said.

Story of Sathya
“You are a Latin American bear and how come you speak English. Shouldn’t you be  speaking Portuguese or Spanish?” I curiously asked the bear.
“I appreciate your intelligence Dale and I am sure I would have got more marks than you in  the 10th grade  if I was allowed to enter school,” The bear laughed. Grizz, the bear seemed to be an interesting character…err.. I mean interesting bear.

I quietly smiled as its laughter echoed, resonating to the 5thharmonics.
“Dale brother, I have certain god gifted talents and that’s why I am special and I am the rock star and superstar amongst bears,” the bear said. I felt good that Grizz, the bear, considered me as its brother.
“What kind of shitty life do you live, Dale?” the bear asked me.
Grizz, accept my apologies brother. I am not getting what you asked?” I addressed the bear as brother and the ‘goodness’ factor increased further.
“I mean your job is depended on us. We give you bread and butter and you feed your woman and children,” the bear said.
“That’s true, Grizz! But you got to run behind animals and monitor and track all their activities,” I said.

“Yes track when they have sex too, right?” The bear turned serious for once.
All these moment I was feeling comfortable but this sudden seriousness was about to land me into trouble.
“The other day my good friend Hayley, the hyena, said to me that someone called Manik Shaw from jungle-trip show captured her having sex with her husband..Why Dale?” the bear asked.
“Hayley the hyena..Oh my god!”
“Yes…Answer my question Dale,” the bear said, glaring at me.
“Grizz bro, we have school students who have certain things in their curriculum and they have to learn about the animal habitats and their life. It’s for them to study.” I somehow managed to convince the bear.

The devil inside my mind quickly suggested me something. If my idea materialized then I would be one of the richest man. I had plans of making a TV show with this talking bear and could use this bear to predict future. I could use it as an astrologist, match result predictor just like Paul – the octopus and even create phone applications like Talking Tom.
“Griz, let’s make a deal. I am planning a business with you,” I said to the bear.
“Business? I know what kind of business you humans can think of,” the bear said.
“No bear bro.I’m serious. We both could get rich,” I said.
“You would get me caged in a zoo or a circus and make me dance for kids. I know everything Dale,” the bear replied.
“Grizz bro, trust me please…I have big plans for you and me. Imagine your family and group of Grizzly bears can enjoy the products of Mother Nature in a beautiful and better way.”

“Ok Dale bro, I trust you..let’s rock,” The bear said and looked upwards. It was raining heavily.

“It’s raining heavily and I don’t want my partner to fall sick. Get inside our cave…we would have some fun and give you the best treat of your life.”We both hugged each other and enjoyed our dinner together – Crocodile roast and Salamandar curry although I ate the fishes.
Story of Sathya

We both signed a deal and I went onto befriend a talking Grizzly Bear named Grizzles aka GRIZZ.

See you soon with the next episode of ‘Man roams with Beast’

Signing off,
Dale Smith.

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