Story of Sathya

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Story of Sathya
The sky was blue, exhibiting a bright tinge of Orange and Red. The moon slowly faded away welcoming the sun. A flock of birds cheerfully warbled. My Mother chivvied me to walk, but she was disappointed as I stumbled down as a 14 month old baby. I got up, adjusted myself and walked. This time I didn’t fall but I was steady. It was the first time I realized someone’s expectation on you. As a 14 month baby, I saw my mother anticipating me to walk. After a series of disappointment, once again I tried walking and this time I stood firm and walked to glory. One has to muster the confidence within, it will help. Think you can do, you will do. Dream about something, the dream will materialize very soon. This dream nurtures your destiny. This destiny beholds you and it’s a never ending process. I looked at my mother’s eyes, how proud she was. She held me and kissed me on my  pink cheeks displaying her happiness. Days passed, walking turned into running and soon I developed other skills such as writing, reading and each time her expectation grew more. But I never disappoint her. I saw myself growing into a strong individual with principle characteristics and the values that my family taught me. I realized life was all about looking upto others, you try your best and stand for yourself. A mother knows you better, a father reads you better. They two define your world.
The sky was blue. The sun shone brightly upon me. The birds cheered each other. Days passed and I grew stronger. I developed a deep interest for Mathematics.  I performed well. I studied hard, harder and each time my insatiable thirst for excellence didn’t cease. Confidence grew to a higher level as exams neared.  I wrote, but I didn’t score. Life was caught in a funk, it was jinxed. I let them down. Them – my parents, my teachers and the one who  admired me. They lost confidence in me. I saw my mother nod her head in disgrace as she came to  know my score. That was when I realized that the world will stop to appreciate or look upon you as you let them down. I did a bachelor in Engineering. I tackled Maths once again. But this time I didn’t commit the same mistake once again. I learned that people who once looked upon you and admired you will not always be the same. They supported me once but gradually they lost interest in you. I realized that over confidence can hamper you and your performance. Confidence is good, but over confidence is bad. A group of bulls can defeat a wild lion.
The sky turned dark as the the sun bid bye. The moon peeped in once again. The birds flew to their nests. I fell for a girl as I grew into a strong man, handsome and smart. She confined me to her world, personal and secret. She loved me, made me feel loved. She cared for me every time I expected something from her. She kissed me, kissed me again. We made love on a lonely night. I realized that she was turning possessive on me. Each time her expectation began to rise. I failed as  lover,broke her heart. Her love came out as a tantrum to me. I saw her moving out of my life.  That was when I realized that life is all about meeting someone’s expectation,fulfilling dreams and  living upto them. All that she wanted was me, but I misjudged her. It was my biggest mistake that I let her go. It hurts when you see your loved ones move out of your life. The one, who makes you special, leaves you forever. I nurse my wound and the scars which she left behind in form me love. Her love was special. Once again, I fell for a girl. This time I promised I won’t do the same mistake and will live upto her expectation .But the world shrunk and I failed once again.
The sky is not always blue. The sun will not necessarily shine at you. The birds will die one day. So its fine to fall, but we just need to keep ourselves motivated. It’s OK if you cry but crying should be transient. Pour everything out. Let your heart mourn, until it can never get hurt. Extract the sorrows out of your life. Stand up, Rise and Shine, dry up the tears and live once again. Then you see how it will mould you into a stronger you. Live life with a free spirit. You always have a chance once again. Once again you get an opportunity to correct things. Once again you get to express your love to someone. Once again you get a chance to make someone proud. So life revolves around the circle. Throw a boomerang and it will come back to you.
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