Story of Sathya

Love & Lies 2

 Disclaimer – All characters are fictitious.  πŸ˜› 
Continued from Part1

I was hoping against hopes.Out of every 100 friend request which I send to random girls, only 1 accepts my friend request. I appreciate that girls these days do not add random strangers.But they should also know that life is sometimes so weird and strange that even strangers turn out to be your best friend.I was skeptical whether Afreen would accept my friendship.Days passed like anything and I didn’t had any positive response.Everyday I would anticipate a notification mail from regarding Afreen but every time disappointment awaited me. I realized that it was my  last few days in Mumbai.I just had to give one final exam and then I was all set to leave Mumbai for once and for all. It was my Mechatronics paper and I was not prepared for it.My Gmail mailbox would remain open during the evening hours.I was trying to read the Mechanic chapter but I could no concentrate on it. Ankita’s chat window  popped on the screen.
SexyAnkita90– Hey Meher!! Kya haal hai BHAI :p :p 
Raul4you-Hi! Whats this bhai bhai  and all?.I hate this Ankita!.
SexyAnkita90-Achha, I am sorry for it..Apologies from your best friend.
Raul4you– Thats fine.Between I want to tell you that I am leaving for Delhi next week.I had cleared FMS and I have got a seat there.
SexyAnkita90 – πŸ™  :'( 
Raul4you – What!! Are you sad for me or what? People here struggle to get secure MBA seat in FMS and I have got it through merit.Common Ankita!!
SexyAnkita90– I will miss you Rahul. πŸ™ Will you leave me.
Raul4you – Aww! common there is still one more week na. Cheer up.

At the same time ,my phone buzzed.It was Ankita Sharma,my best friend.

‘Rahul, why..,‘ She was sobbing.
‘Ankita..common don’t just don’t have to know how hard I have been trying to get seat in FMS and its time to script glory.why don’t you understand?,’ I said.

“I am always here for you naa…I promise you that I will call you once everyday. Is it fine Sweetheart?,’ I assured her.

I  still remember the promise which I made to Sharma Aunty when they had to relocate to Delhi 6 years ago because of Sharma Uncle’s Central Government Job.

‘Beta..we both are leaving Ankita in this unknown city only because you are here to take care of our daughter.We both trust you and I am sure that you would be a good guardian to Ankita.We always knew how much you cared for her..Please do take good care of her,’ Sharma Aunty’s words would still flash on my ears. 

‘Pakka naa…Promise no,’ Ankita said with her voice breaking.

‘Aww..don’t cry baby…Will meet you  before going..’ I adjusted my phone properly.
‘So you are going to miss me right…so I mean a lot to you , right?,’ I curiously asked her.

‘ have any doubts?,‘ She asked me.
‘ why don’t you introduce Afreen to me …,’ I laughed.
‘Forget !! I am not going to do that…Meher Sahab..she is my junior ..She entered Class 7  when we were in Class 9,’ She said me.

‘Ahh so she is 2   years younger to you…and 3 years  younger to me…not bad,’ I said. My Mathematical reasoning  was very good. Infact , I loved Logics. 

‘Afreen Shaikh has accepted your friend request. Write on Afreen’s Wall,’  I witnessed a pop up message. 

‘Hey to you later dear,’ I cut the phone abruptly.

I soon logged into and checked her profile. ‘Yuppie!!My luck worked,’ I shouted with joy.
I soon browsed through her pictures and thoroughly investigated her profile.

‘You have no reason to know who I am. Its just to stay in touch with friends and family that I come here. I am not an Online person. So Think Twice before you ad me.Stalkers Beware!,’ Read her About me  Section. It was a bit scary and for a moment  my impressions changed. She looked so simple and innocent but her about me suggested me that she was aggressive too. I checked for her name on the Chat Section,but sadly I could not locate her.

‘Do I know  you ? Who are you? How did you get my profile?,’ She had messaged me on
She had bombarded me with a series of questions which was difficult for me to answer at that time.

‘So many questions to answer…why don’t you come on chat Miss Pretty?,’ I replied her.
Story of Sathya

After 5 minutes ,a  chat message popped on my browser window.
‘Yes Tell me…’ She pinged me.
‘Tell you what…,’ I replied.
‘Why did you add me? Do you really know me?,’ She interrogated.
‘Yes..No…Yes..,‘ I was confused for a while.
‘Yes or No.. .’ She was still typing.
‘My Keyboard seems to be suffering from Constipation,’ I said.
‘Stupid πŸ˜› :P,’  She typed me the tongue smiley. Now this made me change my mind.I have observed many people using such emoticons during chat to express something funny. I learnt that she was a jovial girl.
‘I was your senior at St.Lawrence…,’ I said.
‘Oh So you must have been from Ankita Didi’s class na.. πŸ™‚ ,’ 
‘Oh yeah Ankita …the same girl..she studied with me…,’ I laughed like anything.
‘Its good to meet you the way I am Afreen Shaikh and I am currently doing my 1st year Medicine at KEM, πŸ™‚ ,’ She said.

She seemed to be a sweet girl. ‘ I have a big doubt …please resolve my doubt..,’ I asked her.
‘Sure..ask me,’ She wrote.
‘Which photo editor do you use for the profile pictures in facebook? πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ,’ I was being witty.
‘:| .. Hello ..Look I don’t use any software’s and all ..I even don’t know how to..Its hardly once in a blue moon that  I come online to check updates…,’ She was typing.
‘I don’t have to do all that..Its not allowed in my family…My Abba and Ammi hates all this…They don’t even know that I used Facebook  and all,’ She wrote.
‘Its fine…,‘I said.

We remained silent for a while. After 3 minutes ,Ankita’s phone call broke the silence.I cut her phone.I was not ready for another episode of emotional melodrama.So I had to cut her phone call.

Meanwhile, Afreen was typing something.
‘Thats it…’ She typed.
‘Whaaaat….,’ I was worried.

‘I called Ankita Didi to ask her if you were really from her batch…,’ She wrote.
This triggered a shock wave across my spine.I was never expecting this that early .May be this was the reason why Ankita had called me.I soon realized that this friendship was of short span and I assumed that she was going to throw me out her friends list very soon. ‘What did she say?,’ I curiously asked her.

‘Thats it Rahul….Its enough…this is too bad…,’ She continued.

(To be continued….)

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