Story of Sathya

The Red Couch!

Magpie 93 – Photo provided by Magpie Tales
Story of Sathya

I walk a lonely road,
Everyday too and fro,
I work whole day and night,
With less Sleep,food,
While I walk,i see
An imaginary red couch,
That wants me to sit on it
I look at it and walk away,
I see behind ,it invites me
I toil hard in front of Computer
Writing codes and making  Sheets,
I sit on the chair,
My back aches,migraine,
Work pressure,Stress.
When I go back home,
I see the same red couch,
That wants me to sit on it,
I ignore and walk away.
This Cycle repeats and goes on,
Everyday I disappoint it,
But today I accepted it,
And sat on it with a smile,
Realized what life was like,
The first time in my life,
And it feels so great,
I look around the world,
I feel so amazed.
It teaches me to make time,
During the busy hours,
take some rest,breaks,
thats all what I desire,
Now everyday I look at it,
The Red Couch Smiles at me.

PS – I seldom write poems and I guess it was just another attempt at writing a poetry. Feedbacks are appreciated

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