Story of Sathya

Haunted by Love

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Story of Sathya

She haunts me in my dreams,
Every night, She knocks
my door,thinking I am
always there for her.

Her eyes mesmerizing,
Seductive lips and
alluring face,every night
She smiles at me.
Our lips lock,we
Swirl our body together.
Caressing her cheeks,I
kiss her nape.

No words to define,
her beauty what means.
Every night I close,
my eyes and dream.

She vanishes away,
Leaving me like a fish,
floundering on land, and
a bird with wings destroyed.

I want her now,
for I have been loving,
and loving life,
with and without her.

My eyes open,it hurts
the smile, disappears.
Oh Love! where are thee

Come back once again


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