Story of Sathya

Let me not think of You in the silence of the night. NOT

Story of Sathya
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 Let me not think of you
in the silence of the night
Let me not languish
the seasons gone by
Days that we spent together 
will never come back
Annihilate me
with that million-dollar smile
Smile that I would crave forever 
Let me not remember you
my heart shrieks with pain
Let me hug you
for the last time
I doubt we would
ever meet again
I started missing you
the moment you said goodbye
The Lane where we walked together
will never see us walk again
The flowers that once kissed the bee
The bee will never be the same
Bygone days will never return back
Your memories already began to haunt me
The void that you left behind
Will never be filled again
Even if it happens,
that will never be the same
What will the butterflies think
that fluttered within me
Every time you walked with me
I started missing you 
the moment you said goodbye

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