Story of Sathya
 This is my entry for the Monsoon Madness @ Lounge contest at the Writers Lounge

‘Daddy, Can I ask you something ?,’ Little Tarun asked his father Muthu.
‘Sure dear, whats that you want to ask?’ , Muthu said
He got a mirror and compared their faces . ‘Why do we look different Daddy?’ A shade of innocence twinkled through Taruns eyes as he asked this to his Father.
‘I am so fair and you are  dark ,’ He said.
Neha was  listening to all this what Tarun spoke. 
‘Come dear, you need to get dressed for school,’Neha interrupted and  took her son with him. She looked at  her husband Muthu who smiled  back at her.
‘Nature has its way of telling certain things. Everyone looks  like their parents dear,’ Muthu said to Tarun as he carried him over his shoulder for  school  .
‘But Appa, then I should look like you ,no ?’ Innocent Tarun said to his father.
‘Common Son, I don’t know how to say.I will tell you some day’  He refused to answer his son’s question
At school ,kids would tease Tarun by calling him ‘Dark Knight’s  Fair Son ’ He was an adorable kid of 6.He was wheatish in complexion unlike Muthu.  Days passed by , but Muthu could not answer Tarun when he was confronted with the same question again and again. 
Tarun was  growing and his hatred towards his father  increased.
‘Daddy , I think mom  should attend the  PTA meeting at school  and I don’t want to get embarrassed ,’  15 yr old Tarun said to his Father Muthu .
Muthu found himself deviating from his son. Neha ,at times would explain Tarun about his father’s sorrow and how much it hurts  Muthu when he asked him such question. Tarun often  gave a deaf ear to her.
‘If you wish so Son.Neha will attend the PTA,’  Muthu said.
‘Daddy ,you never answer my question .Why are you dark  and how come I am fair? ’ Tarun asked as he got dressed up.
‘Time will tell…,’ Muthu smiled.
Tarun was growing up into a strong handsome man.All girls in his college would wish to be his girlfriend.Such was his beauty and the spell he cast  upon all the girls. He was 23 year old by then . Since childhood he hated his  father just because he was dark. He never realized how much  it hurt his dad.   He was never attached to his father.
Two years later Tarun won the ‘Young Enterpreneur Award’  and his family was invited to attend the  Award Ceremony . Muthu was excited  to  see his son getting the award from  the President of India. But little did he knew that Tarun had forbidden  him from  attending  the ceremony.He took his mother with him . It hurt Muthu a lot. Neha tried hard to explain Tarun but he didn’t budge.
The Award ceremony started at 7 pm. One could see  guests in form of business magnets and filmstars seated on the first row . Tarun was  given the ‘Young Enterpreneur Award’ by the President of  India. The President called  his mother to talk few words about her son. Neha was too hurt as her husband Muthu didn’t accompany her.
‘Good evening  friends..’ Neha started
‘As you all might know my son Tarun has won the prestigious award from the President.It makes me proud and I am very happy at this moment,’She continued and Tarun’s face beamed with pride.
‘Let me tell you about  him. No one here would hate your father just because he looked  different than you. After all a dad is a dad. This  young man standing here hates his father just because his father Mr Muthu Swami was dark. I am going to answer his question which he asked his father when he was 6. We are Tarun’s foster parent.We found him in a trash bin near our locality. We found him cute and Muthu decided to take him home,’ Her eyes turned moist as she said.
‘But today he refused to accept that person as his daddy. He is a pearl in the ocean which every kid would ask for. He is the best father in this world ,’ She continued.
A tear drop rolled down  Taruns cheeks as he heard his mother saying all this.
Later that evening when they reached home, he found a letter on his computer table.

Story of Sathya
Dear Son,
Today I am going to answer your question.You asked me why we both look different? Why I  am dark  and you are fair? I want you to know that me and Neha are not your real parents. I don’t want to listen all this. You don’t know how much you hurt me all these years. I’m going..
Love ,
‘Appa…..I’m sorry.. I love you are the best ’ Tarun wept

Word count – 796

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