Story of Sathya

Mothers Love!

Story of Sathya
People sometimes say that a mothers love is beyond boundaries. How much does she loves her kids is unmeasurable. I recently came across a documentary which exhibits a mothers love for her son who is abnormal. He is a special child who can’t talk and seemed to be suffering from a major illness. It got tears into my eyes when I saw that but couldn’t refrain myself from watching the entire Documentary. Why does God punishes people who are good to others. This woman in the documentary could not concieve for 7 years. After 7 years, She gave birth to a wonderful baby boy but only to find that he was abnormal. His hands were distructured.

“God..what have I done to you that you forsake me? Today , I do not have anything to give to my kid for what he deserves. ” These words from the mothers eyes really made me cry.

This made me realize the importance of a mother. How many of you in your life are lucky enough to be with your mother.But we have hurt her many times. We might have spoken words against her which we shouldn’t. Holy Bible says to honour your mother and father. But practically how many of you even do that. Offcourse she is the one who has done everything for you when you were kid.She sacrificed her life for you so that you may enjoy all the luxuries which she didn’t when she was a child.Just ponder and think for a while. I have always wrote about this topic whenever I get time. It takes 20 years for a mother to make a man out of her child. Lets not forget what she has done for you. I wish everyone realized their parents worth.I couldn’t find the video in internet but I will surely try to get it from somewhere.
Till then may peace be with you all….

God bless!!

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