Story of Sathya

Kya Shock Laga??


Disclaimer : This is based on my imaginations and  the names used here are really fiction and got nothing to do with anyone living or dead.
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Story of Sathya

 Once I happened to bump into my  friends flat. He  thought of narrating me his experience in Bangalore. I thought it would be fun but nevertheless  he made it sound serious.My friend lets say SRK was posted to Bangalore after his training.It was a completely different and an alien  city for him. He was alloted a  guest house for one week. After that he had to vacate the room and search for a new home. He tried his level best for a new home.Alas! he couldn’t find one  .He’d made a new friend at his bangalore office in form his Manager lets say Karan. His manager lived alone and he was searching for a flat mate.By no time ,he offered a room to SRK .At first SRK hesitated. SRK soon realized that his manager was a kind man and was a gentleman for sure. He nodded his head and left for his new home. Soon there was peace at home and SRK was known to be a discipline lover. He believes that cleanliness is next to godliness. Every day he would get up early and do the daily cleaning chores. To impress his manager he would do everything. Days passed by and they both became good friends. 

It was one fine Saturday night and my friend SRK and his boss  Karan were returning back from a movie. SRK and Karan now became best friends. Everyone at office believed that SRK was close to  their boss Karan that they  started thinking that they both were having extra marital affairs. Well my friend SRK never knew all this and even though if he knew all that then I am damn sure he would give a deaf ear to all the gossips about him and his boss Karan. Annual appraisals were approaching and everyone was sure that SRK would get an A+ and 40 % increment. But little did they knew that SRK was a hard work and not a boss’s buttlicker. Although he shared his room with his boss ,SRK was clean at heart and was only attracted towards females. Appraisal results were out and SRK as expected  by everyone got A+ and 40% hike. He believed that it was his dedication and diligence at work which helped him achieve this merit. The same night there was something else in stores for him. 

He entered the home and saw his boss Karan preparing dinner for him. SRK was amazed and Karan’s gesture had impressed him. 
“Hey sweety SRK ,come man,” Karan’s seductive approach frightened SRK. He was flummoxed by this action of his boss and he was scared for once.

“Come na ,darling come sit close to me baby, ” Karan added  to which  SRK turned a straight face.
“Sir, I’m not the one whom you are thinking,” SRK said.
” I’m straight and I’ve a beautiful  girlfriend to whom I am getting married next year,” SRK added.

“Oh no !baby …don’t tell this…your love for me might be fake ..but my love for you is true…24Karat Gold honey!! …why don’t you understand it..,” Karan sobbed.

“I don’t want our relationship to fizzle.. and end drastically ,” He wept

“Gibberish!what non sense….what relationship..” SRK got furious for once.

“Darling…come na…come close to me…,” Karan said and went near SRK.
“Shooo go away …i am not your types…go go get lost ….,” SRK tried to escape from Karan.

The next day SRK left the flat. He went to the office and everyone started cracking jokes on him and their boss Karan. They all declared SRK and Karan as true lovers and some referred them as Gay. But only my friend SRK knew that he was straight and it was then he realized why people  never became friends with Karan.

I could not stop laughing when my friend narrated me this story. I almost died laughing. 

Story of Sathya

How many of you have come across such things in life? . Every day I see same sex couples who love each other. Even girls love girls and so on in case of guys. We admire their caring and love but in todays  generation it makes one raise their eye brows  when they come across such people. Yes they are humans too and they have their own feelings but nevertheless its a shock to the culture. Apart from this there are several other issues too. I came across a case where a 13 year old  kid got his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant and sooned  she gave birth to a beautiful baby . I was wondering  that things which we did in our early twenties are done by kids in their early teens. Yes, the world is changing and so is the culture. Rapes everyday,Incests etc are shocking and they degrade things.Even a 6 year old kid these days has a girlfriend. I used to carry the big sack of books when I was 6 year old. My 3 year old neice has a cell phone. Whaaaaaat!!!!! Believe me!. Its true.Kya…Sahi mei Shock Laga yeh sab sunke!!!

Story of Sathya
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