Story of Sathya

I love you – 2

 Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction.

continued from part 1 .

‘So I guess we can proceed ,’ The new entrant spoke

‘Everyone meet Miss. Aanya Sethi , the head of Telus  group,’ and Mr Goel smiled as he introduced  Aana to the group member who attended the meeting.

‘Hey guys , I hope y’all are doing great,’ Aana smiled.

Arush smiled as  she spoke. She seemed to be an entirely different person.He soon learnt that she was none other than the lady whom he met at the beach. A trendy fashionable woman wearing the least of the clothes looked like a traditional woman. She wore a heavily embroidered Punjabi suit which exhibited her originality, the place where she belonged too. ‘Aana’ reminded her of the bikini girl who wore the polka dotted knickers. It made him think how people exhibit different personalities within no time. She was a good enterpreneur and a brilliant person and she belonged to an affluent,well reputated family.

‘We are here to discuss the impact of economic global recession on our business  , why have we gathered here? Whats the purpose of this meet ?. How can we stabilize  the growth?,’ Mr.Goel asked .

‘Well …growth seems to be an essential phenomenon and obviously GDP of this country would  determine how the nation progresses. Currently IT has been a a great  disaster and it is highly impacted by  the business failure,’ Aana spoke without nictating her eyes.

Arush stared and smiled at her. 
‘Do you have any doubts Mr.Arora?,’ Aana asked Arush.
‘You seemed to be distracted anyway and this is not a matter to smile Sir,’ she burst upon him.

Within a swift of a second, the conference room went silent. Everyone  looked at Arush and it was embarassing for him.

‘No…I was listening to what you were speakin….you proceed ,’ He said.

How could a jovial girl change into an aggresive one within no time .Clearly she seemed to be a phenomenon to him.
Finally ,the meeting got over in 2 hours. Everyone were  leaving to their  hotel rooms.

Aana came near Arush and sought apologies.
‘I think I need to be sorry,’ She said to him.
‘Ahh!! never mind you just displayed your multiple personalities…..,’ He said with a straightface.
‘Oh yeah…excuse me,’ She was bewildered.
‘I mean … from bikini to Indian suit and jolly to got my point,’ Arush winked at her.
‘Well that is Aaana for dumbo’s ,’ She laughed 

‘Whatever girl!!!,’ Arush seemed to have been carried away by talking to her.

‘Well , you and me …. at Cafe Villa Sol …at 8 ,’ She said.
‘Bye Naughty boy  ..,’She left.

Arush was completely taken aback by her behaviour. She was a complete enimga for him. She was  mystery and for a moment he realized that he had failed to learn her. 

They both met each other at 8 pm at Cafe Villa Sol. She looked like a party girl this time .She was wearing a decent outfit this time. She was wearing a purple outfit.Not like the one which she wore at the meeting. Her hair was left loose and  she displayed her tattoo ,thanks to her low waist jeans.

‘Hey guy,’ She hugged him.
‘Hello Aana,’ He smiled at her.

‘Hey check this out….’ She said and  she  asked him to look at  her waist.  She had  tattooed a Centaur.
‘yes it is looking great ..but why a centaur holding a bow and arrow,’ Arush replied back.

‘Dumb that you are…Dude ,i am Sagitarian and I wont explain you anymore,’  She said.

‘Where did you Study and you look  handsome today?’ She added.

Story of Sathya

‘Well nothing great…did my Engineering from IIT-Madrass and MBA in Finance from IIM-Bangalore, and what about you’  He smiled.

‘Well I am a pauper in terms of Studies…a dumb chick …you sure you want to know my alma mater,’ She said..
‘Certainly I would love to,’ Arush  took a sip of the Teqilla shots.
‘Haha why, are you hiring me or what…Haaah,’ She said
‘Haha ..Engineering from IIT – Bombay and MBA from Howards,’ She smiled 

‘Ok I get your sarcasm ….and you are looking too beautiful today,’ He said.
‘I am completely amazed by your dressing sense and today I saw you in 3 different outfits.You look beautiful everytime I look at you,’ He added.

‘Idiot…i am not flattered…you don’t even know how to flirt,’ She giggled to which Arush looked at her with a straight face.

‘Well…the guru is here…seek my blessings and I shall teach you how to flirt,’ She smiled at her.

‘Ok Guru ji….’ He winked at her.

‘1 – Use balanced words…too much flattery makes you fake,’ She started with the flirting tips.
‘2- Laugh at her jokes when she says something…Understand Women love compliments and appreciations by men,’ She winked at him.
‘3-Sexual/Bodily talks are a strict No No unless and until you are dating her. There can be a refined and a crisp way of talking,’She continued.
‘4-Give her a compliment and let her keep guessing and curious  ,’ She smiled.
‘Okay ,’ He acknowledged back.
‘Remember Balance,Compliments and Curiosity are the three golden words,’ She said.

‘You look beautiful today,’ He said to her.
‘Ahun, Thank you..’ She smiled at her,

‘You are looking great today,’ He continued.
‘Ahaa…thank you ..thank you…’ she said.

‘You are too sweet,’ He said .
 ‘Whaaa…I can’t take it when some men harp on the same string again and again and such men bore me,’ She said for once.
 ‘Was kidding… you are one talkative intelligent girl whom I have met till now…and  to be frank such Talkative Intelligent girls attract me,’ Arush  spoke softly.

‘See…Guruji’s flirting lessons are reflecting in your words….Awesomeness….’ She giggled.
‘Can I ask you something ?? ,’ He said.
‘I hope you won’t feel bad after  I ask you?,’  he added.
‘It depends on your question dude,’ She said with a straight face.

‘Ok …can i have your number please? ,’ He said.
‘ scared me…. 9856323143 .. give me a missed…,’ She said 
‘I have cancelled my return ticket and planning to stay her for a week and when are you going back,’ He curiously asked her.
‘Next Saturday off to Delhi….,’ She said.

‘Can I ask you something which is bothering me right now? he said.
‘What now…ask me man…’, She said.

‘I don’t know how to say that…but I can feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach..,’ She said.
‘Ahaaa…now ask …shoot it…’ she said.
‘I wanted to ask you this since long but….,’ He said.

(To be continued…)

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