Story of Sathya

223.”You are the bhesthhhhhh…….,”

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The National Conference Hall at Delhi was packed with journalists and mediaperson’s who were waiting  for the Prime Minister of India. India was the talk of the hour in almost all nations. The entire nation was celebrating the success of  Veerayan , the first space shuttle which identified the presence of water in Saturn. Russia and the United States had started sending  humans to Mars.Reporters from India today,BBC,ABC,TV9,Madrid News and other Indian regional news channel heads had gathered at the National Conference Hall for the prime minister’s speech.
A tall man guarded by  two security men walked into the hall.He was wearing a black coat and trouser.He was 36 and looked smart.

“Behold ,the prime minister of India has arrived.We appreciate your presence sir,” The Orator said.
“Our PM will address the media shortly ,” She said displaying a  bright smile on her face.
“Thanks a lot Miss Richa Sharma ,” The Prime Minister  said.
The hall turned silent as the prime minister delivered his speech.

“My dear media friends from  India and different nations,my dear friends and mostly importantly the people of my country,… this is for you. Our scientists have made us proud today by doing something which has not only raised our status at the world level but also secured a place for us at the world council.I remember 25 years ago when our former President Mr.APJ Kalam had expressed his views about a developed India.I was a 11 year old school going kid when I keenly learned this man’s vision.His vision had something which I wish would happen one day.For a nation where agriculture was a major occupation few decades ago had changed its face.We have grown into a strong nation in all the fields and we have done our best in space research and IT.Our nation has bounced back from the stagnant face of  worst politics.I’m glad it has changed.We have made it.Veerayan is a project which our scientists had been working on since last few decades. Many nations were skeptical about our ability to materialize this. We always had the confidence and faith in ourself. Chandrayaan , our first major success which identified the presence of water and minerals in Moon had already proved our ability 20 years ago.Veerayan had made us proud.I wont make you guys wait any longer. And America do keep watching us….we will be ahead of you one day”  Mr. Mukesh Sarkar ,the honorable Prime Minister of India said.

“Media friends,any one of you might wish to ask one or two questions to the prime minister,” Miss Richa, the Orator said with a smile.
“One by one please ….over there,” She continued.
“Hi Mukesh ji ,this is Priyanka Mehrotra from tV9. Sir, I want to know  about your upcoming plans for India,” the reporter from TV9 said.
“Well maa’m  as of now we are planning to open up a bilateral peace talk with Pakistan.We would be bidding for the 2036 Olympic  games,” Mr Sarkar smiled.

“Namastey sir, mei Rajiv , India news se. Kya aap Veerayan ke baad kisi dusre planet mei rocket bejne ki plan kar rahe ho(Hello Its Rajiv from India news  when are you planning to send shuttles to other planets ),” Rajiv said.
“Namaste Rajiv ji, no as of now we haven’t thought about it… we will let you know ,” Mr Sarkar said.

“This is Brad Klamka from ABC.Do you think India will reach the level of United States,Britain and other European nations very soon..?” Brad Klamka from ABC news asked.
“Very soon Brad…its time for  India to rule the world…,” The Prime minister said.
“sirjee tumi amader bengol ke gorbito korecho.(Sirjee,you’ve made our Bengal proud)” Keshab Dash ,the reporter from Star Bengal News said.
“I have made our nation India proud,” the prime minister smiled  back at Keshab Dash
“Mukesh,this is Jennifer Lawson from BBC news.Sir, I hope you won’t mind a personal question,” Miss Jenifer Lawson asked.

“Sure go ahead Miss Lawson,” The Prime minister said.
“Who is the woman behind your success?,” The reporter from BBC news smiled.

“Hahaha Jennifer. Well that would certainly  track me back to my old days of Kolkatta where I suffered a lot.I admit there is no woman behind my life. I was not born in a wealthy  family like you all must be thinking. I am not ashamed to say that my mother washed clothes and cleaned floor at bungalows to feed me. She was some one who learnt my desire for education. She worked days and night  and struggled a lot to fullfil my dreams. I had no books,no proper clothes.I wore the same clothes everyday.  We had no home. I spend most of my time at the Sikanderpur  railway station. It was a shelter to me and my Maa.I used to study hard under the  station lights every day.My Maa’s death was  the biggest loss of my life  and a turning point of my life.She was a source of inspiration to me. I struggled hard to complete my matriculation. I cleaned plates at hotels and  stitched clothes at a tailor shop to feed my education. Sikanderpur was not a well developed city 25 years ago. Like other villages,it was struck by poverty.I would like  to show you the picture of the place where I used to study to accomplish my dreams.I won’t let the youth of today to suffer the same pain I suffered years ago. I will make education free and people will benifit from it.” Mr. Sarkar showed a Picture .

“This is the place where I grew up and learned a lot.” Mr Sarkar, the prime minister of India said.

Story of Sathya

A tear rolled down Jennifer Lawson’s cheeks as she was listening to all this.
The entire crowd stood up to salute the young prime minister of India.
“You are the bhesthhhhhh…….,” Mirca Torres from Madrid news said to the PM.

“Thanks a lot for your presence my dear friends… Dinner is arranged for you guys.Enjoy your dinner.It was really nice meeting you guys.” Mr. Sarkar ,the PM said with smile and left for Pradhan Mantri Bhavan.

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