Story of Sathya

217.Knowing yourself

Umm,its been really long since I actually wrote something serious on this space.Apart from the Neha  posts  and too much of cribbings,I have decided that its time to get serious.Now  its time to wake my blog from its deep sleep.So today we are going to talk about our innerself.What we are going to talk and what all we need to know about us will soon follow in this post. First of all let me ask you one simple question.How many of you believe that you are amongst the happiest person on earth. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?.If it is yes then  not bad.But on the other hand if it is a no then I can suggest you certain ways to make your life blissful.

Who are you?What are you and what are your roles in your life? .Have you ever  done something useful to some one that deserved appreciation.Well knowing ourself is an important factor that judges us.Trust me guys to answer all those questions is a difficult task.This is because its our duty to know ourself.Life is so short that we tend to forget people in our life very soon.Some may be mere strangers and some may be knowing us too long.What is the purpose of our life? This is tricky. Every one in this world has their own set of tasks,goals and vision.Its these goals and vision that shows them the path to success.You may be determined to do something and you may land up doing something different. Life turns out to be a disastor when you fail to recognize yourself.Trust me I am the best person to speak this. Well,I may not be happy with the way things are going around me but I know me and thats the point.Everyone is unique in this world and everyone possesses a special talent which identifies them. What would happen if you don’t recognize the potential in you?.Its important because you own your life and you live your life the way you wish to.We sometimes fail to execute our plan although we are good at planning. What have you done to your loved ones or closed ones?Have our existence benifited us in any means?
Do you know your worth?. So many questions,but do we have any answers.Our importance matters a lot and we should definitely be knowing our worth in our life.It is the biggest asset which governs us.Ok I am going to show you a picture which I stoled from my friend Sana’s orkut profile. I pondered over it for a while.I realized that the picture itself had a lots to say.It actually inspired me and I bet it would inspire you too.

Story of Sathya

What do you see from this picture? Its a cat which see’s a lion as its mirror image.This is ambitious ,but how inspiring.You may be capable of doing something in life,but that is something which you didnt had to do or may be  there were few hindraces on your way to achieve the task.I’m quite sure the tiger below is going to sue me after seeing the Lion’s picture πŸ˜› .Enough of jokes.Lets talk about the values that govern you.There could be many principles or values which highlights you.Try to be the same whatever be the cicrumstances and case.You are known by these values in life.Its easy to  be a  bad person. But trust me ,it is difficult to be a good person. Before ending this,I would like to ask you another question.Which are the values that represents you?

See you soon with some interesting topic. πŸ™‚
 Story of Sathya

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