Story of Sathya

218.Oh No! I forgot it once again!!

Story of Sathya

Oh No!I forgot it once again.I mean I forgot to bring my notepad back home.Actually its the  notebook which we use in our office.This book is used for all the HLD activities.This post is dedicated to all those people who have the tendency of forgetting things. This is a special post which goes to a newly made friend.She claims that she is one of those souls who forget things. Right now she is talking to me on Yahoo messenger.She had the headphones on her ears but it was only after 30 minutes that she realized that there was no music.She also narrates another interesting incident that took place in her life.

One day Miss V was very ill.She had fever and she had to be fed with tablets and medicines.I can realize how lazy my friend would be.She went to the kitchen to get water.She actually drank the whole tumbler of water.After few hours she realized that she hadn’t taken the medicines.Well what do you call such people? .I am in awe of such friends of mine who don’t cease to surprise me with some acts.And this time I am going to write about my best buddy Abhishek Tyagi.He is from my office and we have had lots of fun together.Thanks to the spare time of TM during which we used to eat chilli patatoes and aloo parathaa’s :P. I am new to Delhi and I hardly know any stores.One day I had called him to get a shoe lace.He assured me by saying sweet words like “Bhai,pakka laata hu” .Its been 2 whole weeks that passed by and I am yet to geth that thing. We are good at sight seeing and passing comments.Trust me he is one such buddy of mine. “Bhullakad” is the very famous word which is used to refer to people who forget things easily. Many such things have happened with me.I am going to write about it for sure.Infact let me share few such incidents.It was 2003 and my board exams were going on.I had completely forgotten about my Civics book until I realized that I had my civics paper as well.In Mumbai we used to have civics as a part of our History book.I has searched my books at many places but I could not find it.Finally I got vexed and it was complete outburst of anger on my dad.My dad used to keep all my books on my shelf.Finally when I came back home from exam ,I realized that my book was on my bag.So easy to blame others and then I had to apologize to my daddy.Once I forgot to submit my assignment during my Engineering days and I had to cut short the work at the last minute. Its easy to forget things and trust me,there are many funny incidents that happen sometimes in life too.
These are memories which would pull out a smile from your face.I am smiling at this point of time when Vini reminded me about this .And sometimes the environment itself paves way to make things difficult.We have 32 applications and trust me we are asked by our manager to memorise those 32 passwords.These days things are getting difficult as the Israeli auditors are going to audit our IDU.That would be fun for sure but memorising the password thing doesn’t sounds good.Hmm. most of my applications have similar passwords.Yey!that makes me easy to remember thing.Just now I realize that I forgot to call my Mom today πŸ˜‰

See you…have a great weekend…

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