Story of Sathya

202.A post – By Esther Evelyn

Hey Ste, Thanks for this opportunity given to me to write and share some of the wonderful and funny things about you. I know we never saw each other in person, but we definitely are good friends, agree? There are some of the nicest things about you I will always remember and am sure everyone will smile reading this especially you. 

(Here are some of the conversations Ste and I had which will always make me smile)

How many of you know Ste’s elder sister? I know her.
Ste – Hi
Me – Hey
Ste – How’s you?
Me – I’m okay how’s you?
Ste – Ok.
Me – Cool! (Had no other way to react to his okay)
Ste – Cool which level?
Me – (what? Oh mafia wars?) 42
Ste – WTG (Ste’s new term WTG which means what-the-gosh?! Kidding it was a typo error)
Me – yup
Ste – God bless you
Me – thank you, so sup?
Ste – Nothing much. Life sucks!
Me – as always? No class?
Ste – chill on what you’re yelling for lay back that’s been done before and if you’re only let it bhi
Me – WHAT?
Ste – waking up I see that everything’s ok first time in my life and now it feels so great slowing down I look around and am so amazed little things that makes life great I wouldn’t change a thing about it this is the best feeling! Story of Sathya
Me – seems like you knocked your head? If no then you need a knock for sure… 😉
Ste – why knock?
Me – what’s all of that then?
Ste – my song
Me- your writings?
Ste – no my elder sister’s writings!
Me – oh wow is she a blogger?
Ste – Nope she’s a pop singer!
Me – name?
Ste – Avril 🙂

* * *

The dancing story
Ste – There? Story of Sathya
Me – very much
Ste – play some songs
Me – already playing
Ste – Whoa let’s dance
Me – ha-ha do you know how to dance Ste?
Ste – I do, stupid
Me – Idiot
Ste – stupid, idiot ++
Me – 😐

* * *

Ste the engineer
Ste – We know that 2/10=0.2 is it right?
Me – Math and me? Yeah but that’s right.
Ste – Prove that 2/10=2 Can you?
Me – nope I can’t. I swear I suck at math 😐
Ste – Normal college students insist Question is “OUT of Syllabus”.
Engineering Students replied: Story of Sathya
Therefore Two/Ten = Two/Ten = wo/en.
Therefore wo/en=38/19=2.
Hence Proved
Me – brilliant
Ste – Engg make it possible re
Me – it’s not about Enggs! It’s about BRAINS for sure because how do you know whoever proved this is an engg?
Ste – 😐

* * *

Story of Sathya
Ste’s future has been predicted by facebook
Ste – Facebook predicted my future in 2010
Me – What was the prediction about?
Ste – I will go to prison and get raped
Me – LMAO Curse facebook because it thinks you’re a girl.
Ste – 😐

* * *
I know these were a few funny conversations. But I know one thing ste will always remain my best buddy ever, I also know for sure that he will always be my friend because ste is not dipped in ego he always makes sure to ping me and ask me how I am and also makes sure to ask me what my status was all about if I ever happen to update a sad one. Ste has always been there for me whenever needed especially in helping me get energy packs for mafia wars L.O.L. And I also can never forget ste’s reaction Jhao Ghar ka kaam karo I won’t encourage female mafias whenever I asked for energy packs to play mafia wars.

Congrats ste for completing 200 blog posts and for being one of the nicest bloggers. And don’t stop smiling.
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