Story of Sathya

Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart because heart knows everything.

Life has always been an enigma for many people. As we grow older we tend to be mature enough to make the right decisions in our life. Sometimes in life, we take steps blindly irrespective of its future scope. We tend to look for its immediate advantage, but do we realize how important that could be to us. It’s said that heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of. Long ago I remember I even wrote a post about this. Some times we wish to preserve the validity of the logic that we applied for some things in our life.

listen to your heart

Our life is precious and we wish to make wonders and make our people happy. We all deserve a blissful life with happiness surrounding us.   I bet many of us would be having some childhood dreams. Our parents work hard to fulfill our dreams. If our dreams were something different from theirs then we would end up negotiating with them. We strive to come ahead in this race of life. We are not here to compete with anyone. Just listen to your heart and work hard to get something fruitful.

I agree it may sound harsh and strange but we can’t help as its a fact. When we faced difficulties and problems in our life, we should go by what our heart speaks. Yes, our heart speaks, we should abide by what it says. I’m sure we all would love to do it. You want to do something different and finally end up doing something different. Don’t let your life be a tragedy. Do something that you wished to do, never mind its difficult but that’s something which would take you to the top in your life pyramid.

Why would you live your life for someone else and be a machine for them?. Do you even realize that by making them happy you are actually surrendering and sacrificing your happiness? I also know that they are important and they mean to you. They are with you since were a baby and they adore you like anything. If you don’t live and cherish your life for yourself, then you are really missing something. Knock your heart and just speak to it.

Why don’t we apply logic to what we do and what all decisions we take in our life? Logical reasoning is an essential entity in decision making. Think of the mirthful days that you are going to live. I have come across in my life when people said “I wish I had done something constructive, now I’m a loser”.

I’m sure no one in this world would love to be called a loser. If you’d listened to your heart then you wouldn’t have regret for something disastrous that would happen in the mere future. Rather than cursing your luck in the future , you could better apply logic to your decisions. I agree it is not easy to do as it is easy to say.   Many people have many things to say. I agree these are the barriers in your life. Leave the barriers aside and focus on your success path. Barriers and hindrances are parts and parcels of your life.

If you don’t have anyone to obstruct, I bet life wouldn’t be thrilling. It will be challenging enough to score and soar high. Many times I have come across people who said.”I am set in life today just because I listened to what my heart said when I was young”. Get out of the visible outcomes and distractions. They are always there to hurt you every time you get up in this so-called life. The pleasure that is derived by doing this is immense and you won’t complain.

Making decisions in your life is like taking a big risk. So better make the right one and a safe one. Never lease your life for someone by taking a wrong step. Everyone in life works to taste success. So do we as an entity in this world. Sometimes in life, we may come across a point where everything would be messed up.

It would be like rearranging your closet containing over 1000 clothes. We should never give up at such times. Deadlocks are always there at every phase of your life, it just depends on how you interpret it. It is on the way we take things. Lead a better life by listening to what your heart says. Be a better person as Henry Amiel had once said “Man becomes man only by the intelligence. but he is man only by the heart”

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