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Love, Lies & Expectations! – My entry for the Get Published contest!

“I stroll under the magnificent blue sky, wandering through the garden in pursuit of beautiful birds. My eyes, but fail to recognize a little cute sparrow which followed me everywhere I went,”
Human heart is not just a throbbing mass of muscle. It is symbolic of emotions and feelings which connect people.
This beating monster craves for love yet at times fails to identify this divine feeling. Its not always that our beating heart registers love, loyalty, care and concern and on occasions like these all desires and demands may end up being futile! Such is its nature and hence it is rightly said that ‘Heart has its own reasons which reason knows nothing of’.

A flirtatious Sagittarian and a sublime Arian,two people poles apart, belonging to a different culture, varied backgrounds, different religion and states. Despite lots of differences between them, one thing that connected both of them was their thoughts. The girl, who meets him as a random stranger at a Writer’s Meet, has a bad impression of him. She starts to think of him as a habitual flirt who can never fall for any girl. But, its destiny and fate which decides their life. They get closer and at one point of time they are inseparable.
Welcome to the world of Enayat, the 2nd year Medical student and Virat, a Software Developer working in Accenture. Enayat meets Virat as a stranger and soon strangers turn into good friends. Virat knows that he can never fall in love with any girl, but Enayat changed his life. In today’s world, people turn busy because of their work and very often they fail to give sufficient time to their loved ones. You should know that your loved ones always need your time because they cherish your company. You may label them as a stickler for all the time that they demand. Many unexpected events unfold in their lives. Just wait and watch, to see if Virat understands and accepts Enayat as his soul mate or not.
This is the story of Love, Lies and Expectations, where all the three entities are interlinked to each other yet playing a different role in the life of Enayat and Virat.
“It’s strange but I haven’t seen any guy like you, who flirts with every random girl on street,” Enayat  said with a straight face.
I smiled at her and said, “That’s called appreciating what’s beautiful. Sagittarians never flirt,” I winked and continued, “they speak the language of love, something that Arians like you failed to learn.sweetheart.”
Love, Lies & Expectations – where Love is suppressed by Lies but dominated by Expectations.

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This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.   

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