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177.All in a days work

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“Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.”

This is one of the most inspiring statement made by famous American Playwright Wendy Waserstein. Just think over it again,do you derive something out of it?.Well to be honest we have many expectations in life. As life progresses ,our expectations increase.Live every moment of your life as it comes.Cherish it to the core. If life is a roller coaster ride,then I would prefer riding on it for the whole day.I would like to bring back the most active ,creative and entertaining period of my life. We entered the University with dreams and ambitions. We expected a lot but things changed when we made an exit. More ambitious we were during those tender young teen age.We planned to do remarkable and wonderful things in our life. We wished to paint our memories in those beautiful dust clad walls of our Alma mater.Mischeif mongers is what people called us during those days. What do you think?.If Wendy’s statement was a theorem,then we had the capability to prove it wrong. We were Engineers, we are Engineers.

Let me take you to the beautiful mischievous Engineering days where we wished there were more than 365 days in a year. Permit me to paint your soul with my good old Engineering days. When I learnt that most of the blog a tonics suggested this topic for B-O-T 5 ,I was actually surprised and amazed. “What an Idea ,Sirjee!!” was my first reaction. I would prefer writing a book on this topic,but I want to limit this post to some 500- 600 odd words if time permits me.Engineering days were on of the most memorable period of my life.I remember many eventful things happening in my life. By event ,I mean the disgraceful and unfortunate events that happened during my college days . My college day is not less than any feature film. Let me describe the submission day,where we take utmost risk standing at gunpoint . It was the day when I was bombarded with too many gifts for being a mischief monger. Those were the best gifts that Engineering professors could ever give me on the last day of Semester 5. It was a normal usual day . Early morning in winters are terribly cold . The cloud would be fog cladden reducing visibility.It becomes lazy to get up early morning. For some obvious reasons I forgot to get a note of my ‘Red letter day’ ie Submissions . Thanks to the Manchester United – Manchester City Derby match the previous night. Being a red devil supporter has often got me into troubles. I got ready with my college sack ( I won’t call it a bag,a headache it was ).I went to my college flaunting my Man United jersey with my name ‘Anii’ written behind in bold letters showing number 33,my life number. Same daily routine of boarding the over crowded train which was filled with testosterone charged men would often turn me off. Whenever a girl entered the boggie ,all wicked eyes would change its focus of attention towards her. Such sicko attitude these guys possessed.Other chunk of boggie contained people who don’t brush their teeth regularly. Thanks to the bright yellow teeth exhibition.Mumbai local train commuters have always been a good exhibitionist and they are good at such things .I’ve been a good observer and even today I’ve been observing things. I planned to enter my class with a slight hope of getting an entry. Our class would always be imbued with talented girls and yes some are beautiful too.

“Go away Anii,” the girl sitting on the first bench whispered. I learnt the signal and left for our ‘adda’. Our college canteen used to be our adda.We’ve spend most of our time sight seeing & bird watching in our college.Some guys would try to impress the junior girls and some would try flaunting their talents and skills. The corner of the canteen was reserved for our gang.It was located to right of the door.It is the place where we learnt the art of translating our sorrows into happiness. Wondering what kind of sorrows, yes I am talking about the teachers constant bombardment of assignments and projects.Canteen is the place where we converted the sorrows of writing assignments into an entertaining ,melodramatic and rather fun oriented writing session. I had my gang desperately waiting for me. They welcomed me as usual in front of all the beautiful girls. We had a Vending machine in our college canteen.We have to insert notes and coins to get the desired product. I was given 50 Rs by a good friend and was asked to get few items.I did as per the orders before we started the ‘Voh meri – voh teri’ game which used to be our daily routine.I inserted the 50Rs note in the machine and guess what it made my day.It gave few items along with a 500 Rs note. Thank god the operator wasn’t standing nearby. Later on we started the game. The girl who enters the canteen will be the guys date. Practically its the person who enters the canteen who could be a teacher,girl,boy,canteen boy and so on.This would follow the sequence.My good friend got the canteen mama as usual and as usual we used to taunt him by calling his name. For the first time in life, I got a beautiful girl who was associated with me in this dumb testosterone charged bloody stupid game. I actually preferred refraining from such obnoxious activities,but couldn’t just remain numb most of the time. Ogling at girls is really bad and a big sin as per the holy bible.God Forbid! Later on we completed our journals.Our journals were incomplete and we had a big task ofcompleting it.Nishi gave us an exciting news of we being featured into the 4th defaulters list. It was expected but not at that particular moment. I had to hobble because of the sprain on my ankle. I was rather unhappy with the statistics. I failed to break my previous attendance record.I had registered my second lowest attendance of 11 % ,8 % being my Engineering lowest. We were wanted by our HOD. We were persistently asked the reasons for not attending lectures.We had to listen our HOD’s lecture the umpteenth time.But we do respect and honour him. It was an embarrassing moment of my life and only then we realized how shameless we were when we gave him an innocent ‘bachhoo’ smile. They were planning to call our parents which suddenly changed the state of our mind.Our smiles changed into frown.He told that he will take punitive actions but the matter was settled as we were asked to solve 5 years University papers of each subject.Our submissions were discarded and our works were not accepted. We 17, sat till 8 pm and completed a set of around 35 papers along with the pending assignments and journal work.It was like giving your neck to someone and get it strangled.We invited the problems and we regretted for the same.We deserved it,but it was only a practice session for us.We left for our home with swollen fingers resulting from too much of writing work. Tendons in our muscle would not budge.Disgraceful and unfortunate things happened in my life in that sem which reflected on my semester marks and term works. I failed to realize that I had my Campus placement sessions next semester. It was a fiasco of my engineering days where I learnt a good lesson.It was a normal day ,a fruitless day for sure but a day which we could never forget. We did everything on our S day.After all it was all in a days work.Life is a collection of memories.If life were a paper we could have had a photocopy of it.But alas! it isn’t ,only such memories brings a smile to your face when something reminds you of those episode.It may be sad ,may be bad.It was just another day in my life which changed my life..

From an Engineers diary.

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