Story of Sathya

176. Mommy, I saw the ‘Bogey Mon’ !!!

“Vinu ,where are you, daa?,” The young mother of 23 screamed at the top of her voice.

“Oh god!!,” she was worried for some reason.

Their life changed as they shifted to Sydney. Vinu was just a baby and she had a lot to worry about. Aaina’s husband was a chartered accountant in a bank in Australia.

Her heart beat rapidly as her eyes failed to locate her kid.

“Hello Abhi,please come home,I’m worried,” she spoke to her husband Abhijit.

Little Vinu was an adorable and a naughty boy. Her eyes scanned through all the rooms,balcony and the corridors.Aaina started sweating profusely as she could not find her baby anywhere.

She tried to fulfil all basic needs of Vinu.Vinu was her life. Vinu was just 2 yrs old and what if some one kidnapped him. Several thoughts were running through her mind. Time flew like anything . The clock struck 5 and she was weeping.

Last week Vinu wanted to meet St.Nicholas, the Santa Claus. He used to call him as ‘Bogey Mon’. Aaina and Abhi were so busy that they could not fulfil their little kid’s wish of seeing Santa Claus.

Her eyes displayed a gamut of emotions.Her cheeks were moist with tears. She started cursing herself. Aaina’s frustration mounted high as time passed. Abhi’s number was still unreachable.

The fear of losing Vinu would not let her stop crying.

“Hello,Hello!,” she was tired of calling her husband again and again.

She locked the door and tucked the key on her blouse.She started searching for Vinu admist heavy snowfalls.It was winter in Australia and the temperature outside was unbearable.Despite of such harsh weather conditions ,she did not give up She was upset. Her face was red as she came back to home.

‘Mommy!! ‘Bogey Mon’ came to our house,” Vinu hugged his mother tightly.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw her kid back in home. Vinu showed the gifts that Santa gave him.

Story of Sathya

“Aww Baby, you met Santa it seems,” she kissed her son on his cheeks.

“Where is your’ Bogey man’ ?,” Aaina smiled.

“He ran away,” Vinu was playing with the gifts that Santa presented him.

She called Abhi to inform him about Vinu.

At night ,she told her husband about Vinu’s sudden disappearance.

“Aainu, so any guesses about Vinu’s ‘Bogey Mon’ ? ,” Abhi winked and they cuddled.

word count: 396

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