Story of Sathya

Silent Expressions!!!

Wrote this long ago,but continued and modified for TaT prompt 7

Story of SathyaToday, I was going to meet my dermatologist after a period of around 13 years.The last time I visited Dr.Rajan was a different scenario and I was just 8 years old.He used to have a lots of complaints about me.Sometimes,I still used to wonder that the doctor was a big whimper.I was a skinny young boy of 4’8″ .Skin problems run through my family.This time I was going to meet Dr.Rajan regarding my sister.Her skin was showing some sort of unusual reactions like displaying some strange patterns of patches when exposed to sunglight.My parents as usual were busy as they both had their office work.I was the only one responsible to take care of my 13 year old sister.Dr.Rajan always used to address Anu as “the banana girl” just because she is allergic to banana.Every one at home used to tease anu by this name as she gets irritated when some one brings banana close to her.I called the receptionist at around 10 am and fixed appointment to meet doctor at around 4 pm.It was October and my submission period.Usually I don’t do things like dropping my nephews to school,taking care of my neice and taking my sister to hospital.I sometimes used to feel like some one was hitting hard on my ass.We waited till 3 pm.I completed my assignment and journals.We left home at 3:15pm.We waited at the clinic.The place was crowded and compact with all people waiting for the doctor.I made my sister to wait inside and I was sitting outside.

I got a phone call from a close friend of mine.She asked me about some codes.As I was talking to her,my eyes suddenly sighted a beautiful angel walking towards me.Her eyes tempted me to look at her.Her moist lips and her alluring smile made me stare at her like crazy.
“Hey steph!!,steph!!,”
buzzed a voice from my phone.I turned a deaf ear to her.I was very much attracted to this beautiful girl.She was walking towards me as if I was some one familiar to her.My sister was stranded alone inside the waiting hall.For time being ,I completely forgot her.I soon offered her a seat next to me.I could feel the touch of her bunched black hair.I could smell her perfume which suggested me that she was a rich girl.I soon made sure that she came there all alone.I wanted to talk to her,but I didn’t want my sister to tantalize me.I soon paid heed to my job and the thing for which I was send.But,I couldn’t ignore her gorgeous face that urged me to look at her again and again.Her feeble hand which firmly held her cell phone was a great sight to see.Her heavenly smile with dimples on either side of her cheeks dragged me to stare at her.And of sudden,she looked at me and gave a smile which I could not read.I was of the hope that she wanted to say something to me.I could feel butterflies flying around.I was hopeful,she opened her mouth to say a word.“Anna,Anna,Its our turn,”shouted my sister from inside.“Shitt!!,I missed ,” was my first reaction.We met the doctor and he prescribed few capsules and tablets for my sister.
“Man your tall as your dad,”Mr.Rajan’s sound could not buzz my hears.I was busy fantasizing with some thoughts that was running through my mind after seeing the girl outside.”Oh ,yes,”I replied .He asked about me and my studies.He was very happy to see me as I was amongst his old patients.We soon bid adieu to him and left.I was looking for the girl outside,but to vain I could not spot her.As we head for home,my sister asked me something strange.”I know what you were doing.”,she said.”what??,”my voice pitched up to its maximum level.”You were looking at the chick next to you naa,”she gave a wicked smile.I remained numb for a while.I wanted to talk to the girl,but I couldn’t.I just hope to meet her again in my life.It was perfect delight to watch her smile. She was an angel for sure..

After two weeks I met the same girl at a nearby bus stop.This time she was standing with a friend and fortunately my little devil Anu wasn’t accompanying me.I was having my college bag and a newspaper on my hand. She was dressed in a perfect pink attire.Her face displayed a wide gamut of emotions.I smiled at her in reponse to her seraphic smile.I went closer to her to greet her.
“Hey!remember me ,” I said to her.
She smiled.
“Steph! here,” I said to her.
She remained silent for a while.We both were waiting for the 311 bus which was destined for Kurla.I had a strong intuition that she disliked me. All that she could do is just smile.That Mona lisa smile was enough to kill anyone.I was getting late for my college and I was ready to call an autorickshaw.
“Hey! Steph!wait,”her friend asked me to stop.
“Vedika wants to apologise,”she added.
“Apologise for what?can’t she speak?,” I said.
“Yes,she can’t .She is deaf and dumb ,”she said.
I looked at Vedika,the pretty girl who smiled at me.
“Hmm!!I like you,” I said to her through some gestures and expressions.She once again smiled at me.
Sometimes expressions overflow amidst the silence and it was this silent expression which helped me to communicate with the girl with a magical smile which mesmerized me and left me speechless.

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