Story of Sathya

The guy in the Lingerie Store…….

He was 21 years old and he was very popular in his college.He was doing his final year Engineering .He was a spoilt brat and a big time jester who amused people with his stupid jokes.There can’t even be a single soul who didn’t laughed at his jokes.The “ young lady with the orange carrot” was one of his very famous jokes. I won’t write about that joke as the contents of the same are inappropriate for certain readers .This was said by the same person infact he was the one who was involved in this story which I am going to narrate. We laughed when he told this to us for the first time.We all laughed like mad. Ok ,now its time for the story.

There was a guy who wanted to live life differently.He was 6’1″ tall and was looking handsome and smart. Despite of such a physique,he failed to impress even a single girl. Some times he used to get upset .It was the biggest fiasco of his life and he could not bear it any longer.For once ,he decided that he would propose a girl before valentines day.He started roaming across roads and colleges in search of a good looking girl. It was evening and he was standing near his car.He was peeping out of the window as if a greedy man was looking at the stack of currency notes.But, our hero was looking out of the window in search of girls.He scanned the entire place and was dissappointed once again.He believed that it was his fate and bad luck that prevents him.He once again scanned the place in search of a girl.He was not a despo ,but some times a despo .Yeah,its confusing , but what to do read its my narration .

He got a glance of a young girl smiling at him.He looked behind to confirm that she was smiling at him. Now he was assured that she was smiling at him .He soon turned towards his car and combed his hairs and adjusted his dress. He soon removed his spectacles.He then headed towards the girl. Every one knew that he was color blind and without his glasses he could not see an image with proper clarity. He entered the store to meet the girl. As he entered ,every one started staring at him.He winked his eyes again and again in search of the girl. But ,he could only see womens all around .There was not even a single male around him. He didn’t realized that he had entered the “My Heart Lingerie store“.

Story of Sathya
“What is this guy doing in a lingerie store?” was the million dollar question to be asked at that time. He started walking towards the girl . She smiled at him once again.
“What do you want ,Sir? “, she asked him.
He soon pointed his finger towards a panty . He imagined it to be a male undergarment as he had removed his glasses.But in reality , it was a female undergarment or a panty in short.
“For your girlfriend sir,”she asked with a gentle smile.

“No,its for me,” he said winking his eyes.
“Whatt??,” the sales girl believed that our hero swinged the other way.

He was standing near the semi nude statues that were revealing thStory of Sathyae store’s undergarments. He looked at the statue as he was feeling shy . Now ,the girl was really confused. She was wondering what the hell was wrong with this guy.
“140Rs, sir,” she gave the bill to our hero.

He spoke to her and eventually they went on to become good friends.They also exchanged their phone number. At last our “Lonely hero” got a girlfriend.When he returned home,he was immersed in some thoughts.He was thinking of ways to propose her. He soon removed the undergarment pack which he presumed to be a male undergarment . He was shocked and stunned for a while. “Oh My God,”was his first reaction. He asked for a panty instead of an underwear. He was embarassed and was dumbstood. After few while ,he was laughing at himself. Now,he had an idea .He was allset to propose the sales girl of “My Heart Lingerie store” who smiled at him. He was excited that he will propose the girl on Valentines day. “Yays,” he shouted.

He was thinking of some different gift for the girl.He was planning it to be a special gift.

hey guys,can you tell me what the gift would be ? Think of some funny ideas and write it on the comment section.

Will be back with the climax part of this story on 14th February.

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