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25 things you didn’t know about me!

My good friend Asbah asked me to write 25 things about me.At first,I didn’t knew what to write,but now I am writing this.Thanks for this tag Asbo.
Here it goes,

1. I hate my name .Its not because its a western name,infact all my cousins in my family have Hindu name although we are Christians.I am the only one with a hi-fi Western name which people find difficult to pronounce.To get a better feel of it ,come to my college and ask few profs to call me by my name lol.

2. I love my little kido,my sweet sister Anu. We fight like enemies and we poke each others with needles ,pen nib and pencils and after some time we are friends.See ,thats called true brother and sister.

3. I love it when people address me with a scholar tag .I feel like I am on the top of the world.I am used to such tags and nicks during school days.I was called Dextor by few friends during my school days.

4. I some times feel if I could have powers of a super hero like Spider man,Batman,Superman etc. so that I could rescue people from their woe’s and bring happiness in their life.

5. I like blue color. Its just because my enemy and my ex best friend hates blue color.

6. I am Jester. I like to write funny posts and jokes on my friend. But when they do the same ,I won’t spare them.

7. I like to clean my room and wash utensils in my kitchen. Its mainly because I want to reduce my moms work load and help her in household duties.

8. I am a flirt. If you don’t believe this come to Nerul station ,you would find me with my gang sitting at the stairs and peeping at girls :p lol . Believe me or not.

9. I some times get inspired by weird things . For 1 month I travelled in Second class compartment .People used to fight for the fourth seat slot. This thing inspired me and I decided to write a story on it. I thought on similar lines and the story turned out to be different.But clever me ,I didn’t changed the title :p

10. I like TV5asie ,a french TV channel. I don’t know french ,even then I see it.Don’t think that I am crazy ,but if you want to know the real reason,ask me in personal .My gtalk id is

11. I have many nick names. Be free to call me by any name. My recent nick is Likhetu coined by Chirag, my Lounge friend.

12.I am the Co founder of “The Writers Lounge ” group blog. The other two founders are Asbah and Sandeep Balan.

13. I treat Sandeep Balan as my guru and a mentor. I get inspired from him. He gave me certain tips and he taught me the concept of twist factor in a story. I tried to play a prank and included a character called Sandeep Malan in my “Office,Love series” and later on with The Legend of Sandeep Malan”.

14. I love my country and my language very much.

15. No one in my family knows that I am a blogger and I write short stories .

16. I danced for the first time during college fest and it was a funny incident.We all friends danced like mad.

17. I like painting and drawing.

18. I suck at poems as I always say. But some time I write good stories…. also called “The Story King ” by Sweta.

19. I field at Silly point position without helmet and supporters .See how brave I am.

20. I copied for the first time in class tests and got less marks :p

21. I some times listen to musics.

22. All my cousins in my family know me as a good boy. But,to be honest I am a devil.”An idol mind is a devils workshop” ….how true naaa.

23. I sleep in class during lectures and even got caught some times by teachers.

24. I am very shy when it comes to talking with girls. Believe me or not.

25. I am a lazy bum…..ask me something to do and I won’t do it for sure. :p see how lazy I am.

thanks for this tag Asboo….

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