Story of Sathya

The Pugilist -2

(All characters in this post are imaginary)
My coach Mr Harwinder Singh always used to say that my fore hand punch is the most effective and has greater impact.I remembered my coach’s advice and started using the same trick that he taught me few years ago.
Story of Sathya
Sameer was trying to defend himself.My aggression increased and I started punching him like anything.I just wanted to defeat him and it was all in my mind.
Story of Sathya
The third round got over and the score was 9-6 in my favour.He failed to score any point in the third round.I wanted to take advantage of this situation.I turned round to see the girls reaction.She was praying and I believed that she was praying for me
Story of Sathya
The fourth round started and my aggression increased.I just wanted to punch ,punch and punch.Finally he fell down .He was badly injured and was bleeding profusely.The referee then called off the match and declared me as the winner.I won the bout match by 15-6 in my favour.Sameer ‘s match winning streak record was finally broken by me.
Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya
I believed that I had impressed the girl,but I was shocked.I searched for her.I then turned around to see Sameer.Later on I came to know that the girl was Sameer’s girlfriend.She was weeping like anything.
I felt like I was a subversionist who always hurt other people.Never in my life I believed that she would be his girlfriend.I ,actually had no sympathy towards Sameer ,but it wasn’t intentional.
‘Sameer ,please get up dear ,’ she sobbed.I was shocked and I felt strange.
That very night I could not sleep nor I couldn’t eat my food.I wanted to meet Sameer and wanted to apologise. He was severely injured and in a critical condition.He was admitted in Heritage hospital in Pune. I went to the hospital with a flower bouquet .I wasn’t surprised to see that girl with him.She was seated next to him.
‘Hello Sameer,’ I said .
‘oh hi Champion,’ he said with a jest.
I know he was hurt ,but he was in a joking mood.
‘I am sorry ,’ I said to him and also apologized to the girl.
‘You are a Brutus,cruel and an insane guy,’ She bursted her anger upon me.
It was an awful situation.
‘I have a wish and you have to fulfillit,’ I asked her.
‘what wish?,’ she asked.
‘I want you to smile for me,’ I said to her.
‘Are you a physcho,how can I smile at this point of time,’ she refused at once.
‘please,’ I pleaded.
She never wanted her boyfriend to lose future matches.She studied that I was the only threat to him in the boxing field.She wanted me to leave the college forever.
‘But on one condition,’ she said.
‘what?’ I replied.
‘You have to leave the college,’ she said.
I thought for a while and finally said yes.
I wanted to leave the place and boxing forever.That day I realized that boxing can hurt any one badly.I wanted to go to my home.I wanted to meet Esha.
‘Iwill leave,’ I said with a smile.
‘but before going you have to smile for me,’ I asked her.
She made a fake smile.This was different from the one which impressed me.
‘B y the way what is your name?,’ I asked her.
I knew her as a person ,but I really didn’t knew her name .I wanted to know her name before leaving Pune.
‘Esha,’ she said.
‘what,’ I was surprised.
‘Esha Bhatia’ she said.
Esha reminded me of my girlfriend.She was similar in almost all aspect to my girlfriend.I returned back to my hostel.The very day I called my dad and asked him to get admission for me in a Mumbai college.Later on I got admission in a famous Engineering college .
I returned back to Mumbai .I hugged my mom and my sisters.I told them how I loved them.I wanted to meet Esha.I have always hurted Esha.Now I wanted to continue with Esha.I loved her very much.
I went to her home.Later on I got to know that Esha had gone to US for her further studies.She would live with her uncle’s family.Esha’s sister Nisha told me that she wont return back to India for atleast another 6 years. I was upset ,I wanted to talk to her .I just wanted her to know how much I loved her.Nisha further added that Esha was angry with me and never wanted to see me again in her lifetime.I couldn’t believe that my Esha would have said it.I wasn’t surprised as I have hurted her to such an extent.
Now,I sit alone with no dreams to galore.Now,I just wait for her.Wait and wait.
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