Story of Sathya

My first experience in a local train

Well such things happens only in India .I wont be surprised if you guys know it before.Well I would utilise this section to write about my experience in Indian local trains where i used to access local trains to reach my college .Believe me its unusual experience for me. Since I was 14 I always used to travel with my mom in the ladies compartments, to be honest my school was at a walking distance from my home and moreover my dad used to leave me to school.It was like I was not aware of how to go by trains and imagine after my 12th I have to do my engineering studies from a place which takes nearly 1 hr to reach.It really feels boring.I remember the first day when i took a local second class ticket and in India,especially in mumbai people go to work at around 8 am in the morning ,so at that time the train really gets filled with people talkin their own local languages.It was my first experience in a local train coz this time I was travelling alone and imagine at that time i didnt had any friends to accompany me.I was about to board a 8 :23 belapur local ,so i was allset for the train to arrive and i was of the plan that i will get a seat to sit,but evrything was goes to vain.Unfortunately i never got an opportunity to get into the train and i was pushed out side of the crowded train .The same thing happened in the 8 :35 train and 8:48 train.I was like getting angry with my self and imagine finally I got through the 9 :05 train and i was like relieved at that time.I could not go into the train and get a secure seat and so I had to stand for 45 minutes till my destination arrived.I felt somewhat strange as people were unable to stand properly and fights and quarrels all around.And this continues ,but the thing is that now i get into the train with my friends and i board the 8 :23 train lol …Some time I used to wonder wheter this happens only in India ..but let anything happen in India that was a good experience for me ….

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