Story of Sathya

Something to think about………

I always wished that people around me should be happy and should be free from all sorts of troubles and worries,but do you think it is possible to keep people around us happy.I always have the habit of making fun and joking in front of friends,but who knows someone around you may be having some problem.Every day as the sun shines ,the problems in life increases.In this small world we are much frustrated that every second we think about ourself and our family members and not about others.There are millions of people in India below poverty line and others who just dont know what they are doing and take life as it is.People dont know how difficult it is to live in a city like Mumbai,Chennai or may be Delhi.They come from their village to cities in seacrh of jobs .If they dont find any job ,then they get into activities that may be no accpeted.I am an Engineering student from Mumbai and I always wish to help poor people ,I could not see people begging just for the sake of living.I know a place called Kurla where there are around 20 to 30 people who sit aside the ticket counter and beg for money .Some people carry small babies just for askin money .
Sometime I often feel ,how lucky we are to get a beautiful life ,our parents just give us things that we would never expect ,there are many who love us and take care of us but what about these people ,they live in such an extreme condition .New born babies who are known to be free from tensions are being used as a resource for begging in India,what will these innocent kids know.Its even worse when I see a 16 year old kid carrying a 5 day old baby.I used to get shocked and as of now I am used to all such things.An aunt of mine was so generous that she used to give 2 rs to these beggars and imagine giving 2 rupees not only to a single beggar but to all present in that particular place.I asked her why do you do all such things,she replied with an answer that inspired me a lot.She told me that we have poeple to look after us and at times there are people who understand us and help us at times ,but for these innocent people there is no one to help them and they dont even know what they are doing.If they’d knew what they are doing ?they themself would be dissappointed.Everday I go to my college by train.It is the mean by which all people in mumbai get to their work place,college,schools etc.Train is another place for these people to get into their job.I remember a lady with two kids who may be around 4 and 2 years old singing songs in second class railway compartments.The mom used to sing and the two kids used to ask every one for money.We always used to travel in group and we group of friends always make fun of people present around us.When these kids used to come to used to ask money then we would just close our eyes as if we were sleeping.I sometimes felt bad doing this and I never expect to do such things ,so I used to give them 1 rs .The kids used to give a smile and go back for their collection.I would rather feel that I have made a child smile.What exactly are we Indians doing??
Beggars in Uk and other countries are not called beggars because to dont beg and they impress people by playing some nice musics or may be dance and get some money from the mobs.But on contrary here in India when did beggars do such things?? they were just lazy sittin at railway stations ,traffic signals and markets and just chanting “allah ke naam pe do rupaiyya de do sir” which means please give me 2 rs by the name of allah .Even almighty allah would not suggest them to beg.Try to be innovative ..just come with a new idea and one day even they will be happy.Lets see how the goverment approaches with this thing and please dont neglect those people and help them .Because even they are Indians and it is the responsiblity of every Indian to help his fellow citizen. It is something to think about……………….

(This is written after seeing the worst condition of beggars in mumbai especially in kurla region )

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