Story of Sathya

Little moments of bliss!

little moments of bliss
taken from Google images 

Seated inside the bus,
my eyes wander aimlessly,
glancing through the crowded market,
watching the kids play hide and seek,
There is a chill in the air,
the cold breeze kisses me
the drizzling rains in front of my window pane,
fills my heart with softness of love,
reminding me of the lovely embrace,
when i saw her on a rainy day,
our eyes met for the first time,
she smiled and  hugged me,
and I blushed as she did
As the windy breeze rafts the pane,
the noise as hits  my ears,
touches the chords of my heart,
there it rhymes the poem,
of sweet and   cozy romance
My heart is filled with mirth,
as the rains splash  on my face,
invokes a smile on my face,
rejuvenated thoughts invades my mind,
the cheerful warblings of the  birds,
the beauty of the evening sky adorns it,
the sun like a crowned king,
escorted by the dark clouds, it bids adieu
my heart  sings with grace,
butterflies flutter in my stomach
as the bus races on the streets,
nothing more that i could ask for
those little moments of bliss!

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