Story of Sathya

Isolated in between!

Being a useful value addition to her family, she assisted her mother in most of her household chores. Being a mathematics graduate she also taught maths to most school kids and her younger siblings.Things changed gradually and a drastic change awaited her that eventually changed her. Being raised in an orthodox Tamil family where girls seldom spoke to any strangers, she  starting talking to unknown boys – strangers to be precise! Her life drastically veered and things never looked the same now. She was now a free bird, life without fears and struggles. Her parent’s fault was that they brought her a mobile phone as she was going to live with her aunt in a totally different city.

Story of Sathya

Her cousins considered her as their own sibling. She got a good job in a reputed organization under the recommendation of her older cousin who also lives in Mumbai with her family.  Her cousins knew about her, every single secrets of hers were known to their cousins. Every morning she used to be greeted via text messages from random unknown guys. She used to constantly fidget her mobile phone. But  her Aunty and Uncle never knew what she was up to. Apparently , she didn’t even thank her cousin who got her a job in this city of dreams. She  once used to do all house hold jobs, but here she  behaved as he she never worked at home. She watched as her Aunt and her cousins would do the daily house cleaning job. Her attitude and her behavior changed. Everyone was noticing this change. She was notorious for many reasons but her true colors were coming to light. How many influences and changes people, no?  A girl who never used to wear costly make ups and clothes now started  running behind branded clothes.  She would recharge her phone every day.

Slowly she started alienating herself from others. Even her uncle and aunt noticed this change. They were in fact surprised to see this change.  Now, she was isolated in between!

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