Story of Sathya

The Meaningful Life!

Everyone  who steps out of the woman’s womb has a name. They are the beloved , the Apple of their parents eyes! Perhaps that’s the initial bonding that we all have during the young days of our life. It would  not be absurd to say that the infant days of our life are the best. You live a carefree life just like a bird flying on the blue sky. We all had a fabulous little life when were young. But as we get set for our biggest journey, we feel excited. This excitement grows more just like that tiny bird residing on the nest. The bird’s life, they say! But sadly we are not birds. We have been blessed with knowledge and wisdom. We have abilities to think what is right and wrong. We as humans are fallible. Everyone makes mistakes – some big and some small. But after all mistakes are mistakes. The wise corrects it while the fool lives with it. The biggest mistake that one can do is to not listen to their conscience. Our conscience is our alter ego. There are many times we unknowingly fall and fail and its our conscience that serves as our advice maven.

Difficult times do arrive unexpectedly. It knocks our door as an unexpected guest and puts us into a dilemma. Some of those days are transient while some are long term. The transient ones vanish but it’s the long term difficulties that make us sink into the ocean of melancholy. It teaches us to be strong. Everyone is born strong but during the process of living this life, our strength decreases! We grow weak. As a result our confidence level declines. To live a life to the fullest, we need to live a confident life.

The ultimate truth of life is that we learn when we fall but failing shouldn’t be a hobby. But the irony of life is that when we were young it doesn’t matters how many times we fall down, there will be someone to pick you up and make you walk again. But you can’t expect the same person or a group of people to help you if you fall at a later stage of life. Yes, the world is full of mean people. Even your own shadows leave you when you enter  darkness. Your own loved ones betray you when grow despair. So , remember it’s your life and you make it. Never break the link.  One life is what we have and we just have one opportunity to make the difference. It’s up to us to live like a king or die like a pauper. Yes, one life is all we’ve got.

Basically, the idea is not to prove anyone who you are. It’s to prove yourself. It’s you who should matter to you. But most of us are concerned about others. For them, others happiness impact their life a  lot. Let’s be concerned about our own life. In the quest of achieving a meaningful life , we sometimes fail miserably and those who reach the zenith of success ladder are the ones who cared about their life and worked for their own betterment.

Today is the day! Try to work on your weakness and  improve on it. Boost yourself into a better individual. Mould yourself into someone who can make a difference. Fill yourself with knowldege and wisdom. Stand up for yourself because it’s you who should matter to you. This is your life and you complete it.

The sun rises everyday and so does time. Never let it zoom past you and make a mockery of your life. Befriend it and work on something better.
You can make a difference. We all have to live a meaningful life.

Just thinking about yourself isn’t selfish at all. After all you should know that  no one helps the bird to fly. It has to fly by its own self. No one will do things for you. You have to do it yourself. Just that you need to be responsible and value yourself!
Go fly high in the sky , like you don’t care at all. 
There is hope sleeping between those clouds. 
Awake it and lead a hopeful life.

~ Random Ramblings
Story of Sathya
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