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New Year Resolutions 2020

I have never been a fan of new year resolutions. Well, that becomes obvious by the fact that I am never excited by new years. Well its the same life every day, isn’t it? Honestly speaking, something struck my mind that provoked it to script something on my blog in the form of a new year post. For people following my blog, you must be aware that my new year always starts with a fictional series that ends with a female protagonist seeking revenge on the male character who plans to exploit and abuse her. That was my idea of bringing revolution through mini blog posts. GIBBERISH, isn’t it?
It’s been a long time since I ever wrote anything useful in this blog space. My thirst for writing and the lake of creativity is draining high time in my life and I am creativity handicapped. That’s the reason why I refrain from looking at this space. I recognize myself as a creative person but it’s said to even affirm the fact that I don’t see myself as that person anymore. I am no longer the same confident individual whose love for blogging was extraordinary.
New year resolutions are means by which you fool yourself that you would be glued to a series of eventful and constructive activities that aim to reform your life in a better way. This reformation process might be beautiful if it actually lasts but it usually fails. I have listed a few promising resolutions for this year. I have done so previously too but I am never amused by those results as all my previous attempts at fulfilling any new year resolutions have been futile.
Like every other individual who plans to get fit, I too have a plan of trying to hit the gym every day. THIS time I am bloody serious and I am going to give my 100% to this goal of mine.
I plan to remove negativity from my life and lead a better life this year. That can be achieved by discarding distractive elements from your life such as procrastination, social media and such. Social media has been an important part of my life and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram never cease to follow me throughout my daily day’s activity. Trust me, I have kicked these distractive trio’s from my life and I feel better. I deactivated my Facebook a day after my birthday and I have been feeling good about it.
Reading soothes your mind. I usually never get time to read because most of the time I am fidgeting with my phone. I am sure reading will make my life better to some extent and I am sure it will fill my brain’s creative pond with great ideas. You know, when I look back at my young days, I feel like a different person now. The blog posts and the various ideas through my articles now makes me think that they are different people. I need to awaken that old me in the current me.
Early to bed and early to rising makes a person healthy and wise. Bring those alarms and let me ask Alexa to wake me up at 5.30 AM every day. That’s how I am going to subject myself to a healthy lifestyle.
Drinking water every day is never injurious to anyone’s life. I don’t drink much water every day. From this year onwards, I plan to drink at least 8 cups/glasses of water every day.
Getting back to regular writing is something I would like to do this year. If you analyze my blog posting frequency, you would come to know that I have hardly written any blog post this year and I plan to write more. Writing challenges your mind and makes it feel uncomfortable and that’s what I want to do right away.
I am exposed to many languages and I fluently read, write and speak multiple languages such as English, Tamil, Hindi, and Marathi. This year I plan to learn a new language. I enrolled in a Spanish course in Udemy and whenever time permits, I do make sure to check a few chapters. So, learning a new language this year is clearly on my mind.
I am not sure how long my plans are going to work but I seriously need to work on these goals of mine to make sure I am doing well this year. What are your new year goals and plans?
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