Story of Sathya

I will never do that again

Story of Sathya
“Vaak Thoo!” Munshi spat on the tobacco-stained wall as he walked along the promenade near a famous Mumbai beach.
10.30 PM, flashed his wristwatch. 
He witnessed the sudden cold breeze brush his hair. He took a deep breathe as the cold breeze kissed him.  He had over 100 problems in his life and he knew that the government won’t help him in resolving his problems.
He walked towards the sea as the fast-moving waves lashed his feet again and again. 
“People are fighting in the name of religion,” he murmured.
“There are potholes everywhere and the government sucks money out of my hard earned salary in name of income tax,” he uttered to himself.
“What is happening to this country?” he said to himself. “People here need to take classes on discipline and responsibilities as citizens.”
“Waak Thoo,” he spat again. 
“I am worried about this country. Is the country in the wrong hands?” he continued walking towards the Arabian sea.
He unzipped his trousers and splashed on the waves that lashed on him.
“And this is how a responsible citizen like you can change the country right?!” he heard a husky voice but there was no one in sight for miles.
“I am tired of this shit. Now I hear random voices too,” he screamed at the top of his voice.
“Why doing this bruh?” he heard the same burly voice.
This time he freaked out. He quickly zipped his trousers and started running back to the road.
“However fast you run, I am going to find you and …” the voice said.
Munshi paused and asked, “And… are you gonna kill me?” 
“Do you think I am crazy to kill people for peeing in public?”  the voice said.
“Thank God!” he heaved a sigh of relief and sat on the promenade, carefully moving away from his legs from the tobacco stains.
“Mr Hollow Man, who are you?” Munshi asked the voice.
“You don’t need to worry about me,” the voice said,” Worry about yourself. You are in deep shit, bruh!” 
“Why do you hate the government so much?” the voice asked.
“Well there is nothing right in this country and I am frustrated,”
“Politicians knock our doors for asking votes once in a year and disappear?” Munshi said, his voice low.
“What is the government doing?” he added.
“What are you doing for this country as a citizen? Think before you reprimand the government!” the voice added.
“So Mr Hollow Man,  reveal yourself.”
“Did you vote in the last General Elections?” the voice added.
“No, I didn’t.”
“You have no rights to talk about the country, government, discipline or responsibilities,” the voice added.
“Fuck off man!” Munshi said.
“Yes, you fuck off, Munshi!” the voice said. With a blink of an eye, a masked man appeared in front of him. He was wearing a red cape and had an H on his chest.
He grabbed Munshi’s neck and said,” You don’t deserve to live!”
“But I will spare you this time,” he said and continued, “If you don’t vote in this upcoming election, then I will find you and..”
“And kill me?” Munshi stuttered.
“No…I will find you and make you vote,” the unknown caped hero said.
“So will you ever blame the government or talk wisdom shit?” he added.
“No, I will never do that again.. I am sorry Sir,” Munshi said, his lips curved into a smile.
“But who are you?” Munshi asked the caped man.
“They all call me Hatke…Captain Hatke!” he said and vanished within the flash of a second.
Go vote in the upcoming General Elections or else Captain Hatke will find you and make you vote!
Captain Hatke is the new series that I am planning to write in the month of April. 

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